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Buchanan's multiple-skipper theory stumps Ganguly

Rudraneil Sengupta |

Updated: March 25, 2009, 11:14 PM IST
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Buchanan's multiple-skipper theory stumps Ganguly
There was forced smile from Ganguly when the announcement was made.

New Delhi: Sourav Ganguly will be one of the captains of the Kolkata Knight Riders this season. Coach John Buchanan has decided that his team will work on a new theory, that of having multiple leaders over the course of a single game. Ganguly has played along, although he seems far from convinced.

There was a reluctant hug and a forced smile from Ganguly at a press conference where the big announcement was made.

Ganguly has been in a high profile battle with a coach before and has been sacked as captain before. So he's seen it all. Well, almost all now.

""We will choose the captain depending on the game. There can be multiple team captains in the series," said Buchanan.

Through Buchanan's elaborate theorising, Ganguly sat flummoxed. Perhaps, a little amused and when asked what he thought of this new method of running a cricket team, all Dada was willing to say was: "My goal is to score runs and pick wickets, rest is upto John since he's the coach." .

So we know now that Buchanan and Ganguly aren't quite on the same page.

Sources told CNN-IBN said that team boss Shah Rukh Khan has given Buchanan the green signal to go ahead and test his theory. Although if it falls apart, Buchanan knows where the brickbats are headed.

As coach of Australia, Buchanan had his share of cricket theorising. A boot camp for his team ahead of the Ashes, lessons in the Chinese art of war, but remember what Shane Warne once said when Buchanan was in-charge -- A coach is what you go to a cricket ground in. Interesting times are ahead, it seems.

First Published: March 25, 2009, 11:14 PM IST
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