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Gauri Khan trends on Twitter for post IPL comment


First published: May 28, 2012, 6:31 PM IST | Updated: May 28, 2012
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Gauri Khan trends on Twitter for post IPL comment
It's revealed that Gauri was trending on Twitter due to her comment on KKR's win. All she said was 'I Am excited'.

New Delhi: Many twitteratis became surprised when Gauri Khan started to trend on the micro blogging site Twitter. Despite Kolkata Knight Riders win over Chennai super Kings in the finals of IPL 5, Gauri Khan was not expected to trend. Later it was revealed that she was trending due to her comment on KKR's win. All she said was 'I Am excited'.

In a dramatic turn of events, KKR defeated Chennai in the last over of the match. A visibly happy Shah Rukh Khan became excited after the match and started celebrating the win right on the ground. He even performed somersault after his team's win.

Gauri Khan was seen for the first time in KKR stand this season. Apparently she had decided to attend any of the KKR matches only if the team reached the finals.

Shah Rukh Khan was seen involved in profound discussions with Gauri Khan throughout the match. He didn't hide his emotions and lived every moment of the match as per the changing scenarios. He even called Gauri the sexiest cheerleader ever.

But, just one line reaction from Gauri Khan after such a big victory is not going down well with many twitteratis.

Shaili Chopra ?(@shailichopra) writes on Twitter, "I am excited is all Gauri Khan could drub up after a #KKR win? Considering #srk looked like his skull would leave his skin in excitement !"

St_Hill ?(@St_Hill) said something similar, "The award for 'Most Unexcited way to say I'm Very Excited' goes to Gauri Khan."

RJ Dipp ?(@TheRadioJoker) also reflected the same sentiments, "Gauri Khan gave the look that every delhi wife gives whose husband comes home drunk every night."

However, nothing stopped SRK from celebrating his team's win. He even apologised for his behaviour at the Wankhede stadium earlier this month.

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