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'Go All Out On Attacks': Full Transcript of Hafiz-Burhan Tape

A conversation between Burhan Wani and Hafiz Saeed.

Manoj Gupta | CNN-News18

Updated:December 2, 2016, 9:39 PM IST

Burhan Wani: Greetings

Caller: Just talk to Peer Sahib ( Hafiz Saeed)

Hafiz Saeed: Salaam Wallekum

Burhan Wani: Salaam Wallekum. How are you?

Hafiz Saeed: All fine. Burhan speaking?

Burhan Wani: Yes, I'm Burhan. Hope you are fine?

Hafiz Saeed: Yes, I am fine. God is kind. I'm thankful to him. I pray to God to bless you with everything. He should give you strength to fight for the cause and religion.

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Burhan Wani: I was always keen to talk to you and with the grace of god I'm talking to you today. How is your health?

Hafiz Saeed: Yes I'm fine. By the grace of God everything is going fine. You people are living in very difficult conditions. But you don’t have to worry. Whatever you need just tell us we are ready for every help. Will be ready for anything. You just have to tell us. We pray to God that we get success and enemy is defeated. Whatever we have to do we will do.

Burhan Wani: Inshallah, we will do everything we just need blessings from our elders. God has accepted my wish and with his blessings people like me are also talking to you.

Hafiz Saeed: No, no, you are very dear to us and you are doing great work. We get news about every activity of yours. We are very happy with you.

Burhan Wani: I want to make a small request. Here in Kashmir, these Lashkar people don’t get their stuff regularly, they are facing difficulties in getting their money and other things. I'm not able to understand the reason behind this. If they have weak network I can help. I have sources available.

Hafiz Saeed: Great. Great. I will definitely take note of this and will take all help from you. And we will pray to God that he should help you.

Burhan Wani: I also want to say enemy is almost defeated and we have to maintain this. We have to go all out on attacks and shouldn’t lose this opportunity. For this we need ammunition and your support. We should work together for this (Hizbul & Lashkar). I have spoken to Dujana also..who is responsible for Lashkar here in Srinagar-you must be aware of this. For this I need your help and support and I'm sure we can win and send enemy out of our territory.

Hafiz Saeed: Inshallah, Inshallah. Give my greetings to all brothers and sisters there. We all are working for one purpose. And tell them I'm praying for everybody. Everybody.

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Burhan Wani: I'm grateful. I just want to say that Lashkar needs your help and if you need any support from me please let me know. I can do anything. They are our brothers and we have common purpose and enemy.

Hafiz Saeed: All right. Inshallah. Inshallah.

Burhan Wani: Also these Lashkar people are saying that they never get to talk to Hafiz Sahib.

Hafiz Saeed: I only spoke to you. I got your message and called. You keep in touch with these people, we also have all information about them.

Burhan Wani: Yes, I'm in touch with them and will take care of them.

Hafiz Saeed: Okay, bye.

Burhan: Bye.

| Edited by: Ashutosh Tripathi
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