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Google doodle celebrates Earth Day 2012

Ankit Tuteja | http://ibnlive.in.com/byline/Ankit-Tuteja.html

First published: April 22, 2012, 12:24 PM IST | Updated: April 22, 2012
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Google doodle celebrates Earth Day 2012
The doodle beautifully portrays the flowers blooming out of the shurbs to form the Google logo.

New Delhi: To mark the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, Google has posted a flower-themed Google Doodle on its home page.

As you open the Google homepage, you will be greeted with a colourful doodle that features an animated image of blooming flowers in purple, red and yellow colours that spell Google. The doodle beautifully portrays the flowers blooming out of the shurbs to form the Google logo.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 after it was first held on April 22, 1970. US Senator Gaylord Nelson is credited for the genesis of Earth Day as he conceived it as a tool to raise ecological awareness after witnessing a huge oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969.

The original Earth Day was attended by about 20 million Americans.

The Earth Day movement went global in 1990 and is now celebrated in over 175 countries across the globe. April 22 was officially designated as the international Earth Day by the United Nations in 2009.

"Much like 1970, Earth Day 2010 came at a time of great challenge for the environmental community. Climate change deniers, well-funded oil lobbyists, reticent politicians, a disinterested public, and a divided environmental community all contributed to a strong narrative that overshadowed the cause of progress and change. In spite of the challenge, for its 40th anniversary, Earth Day Network reestablished Earth Day as a powerful focal point around which people could demonstrate their commitment," as stated in the official website of Earth Day.

The day is marked to raise awareness and appreciation for our planet's environment.

Last year, on April 22nd, Google had an interactive Google Doodle to celebrate the 41st anniversary of Earth Day. Ticklish pandas, frolicking penguins, a growling lion, a cascading waterfall, waterfall climbing fish, a fish devouring bear, birds, butterflies, a koala and a jumping frog got together on an animated and interactive Google logo to celebrate the 41st Earth Day on April 22, 2011.

The Earth Day Google Doodle 2012 is the 1348th Google doodle since the first ever 14 years ago.

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