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Google gets a new logo, does away with embossment and shadows


First published: September 20, 2013, 7:08 PM IST | Updated: September 20, 2013
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Google gets a new logo, does away with embossment and shadows
Google had last tweaked its iconic logo three years ago in May 2010.

New Delhi: After initially refuting reports of a new logo, Google has announced that it is indeed giving the look of its six letters a makeover. Recently Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing also unveiled their new logos. Microsoft had given itself a new logo a year ago.

In a post on the official Google Search blog announcing an updated Google bar, Eddie Kessler, tech lead/manager at Google, said that Google has "refined the colour palette and letter shapes of the Google logo." The new Google logo will be rolled out across different Google products over the next few weeks.

The new Google logo is flatter in appearance and does away with the embossment and shadows, but distinctive colours remain, albeit in slightly different shades. Google has also retained the Catull font for the new logo but as mentioned in the post there is could to be some changes in the letter shapes, but that doesn't seem apparent.

The last time Google tweaked its logo was in May 2010. Google then said the 2010 logo was "lighter, brighter and simpler."

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