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Guilty are bound to be punished in Thane building crash: GR Khairnar

Updated: April 8, 2013, 4:13 PM IST
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Guilty are bound to be punished in Thane building crash: GR Khairnar
GR Khairnar, former municipal commissioner, Mumbai joined IBNLive readers on Thane building collapse.

About 74 people have lost their lives in the Thane building collapse, many others including infants and children have been grievously hurt. GR Khairnar, former municipal commissioner, Mumbai joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on whether the guilty will be made to face justice.

Q. Will the guilty be made to face justice? Asked by: Sachin

A. In this particular case at least deterrent action been taken, and guilty are bound to be punished.

Q. What is the solution to stop corruption where question of fulfillment of basic necessities of poor is involved? Asked by: nimita

A. To provide food security bill. on the lines of providing food security let us think seriously up providing housing security.

Q. Unless the nexus between the real estate industry and the politicians are not exposed and prosecuted, we will not be able to stop such occurrence. Asked by: Sathyaki

A. The nexus is so strong and powerful and since large section of the society is involved its since not practicable to break.

Q. Don't you agree that any illegal activity is not possible unless there is nexus between the builders and the concerned authorities? and if so, who would make the guilty pay? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. There is certainly nexus as earlier mention.

Q. Has corruption entered to such level in construction business that such accidents will happen every now and then? What is the Government doing for it? Asked by: AjeetPanigrahi

A. Yes it will continue. it seems to be beyond the control of any individual or highly corrupted system of governance including municipal machinery.

Q. Doesn't any Builder take proper permission from concerned authorities before building? Wasn't their consultant checking out things? Asked by: AjeetPanigrahi

A. This was purely illegal building without any sanction, clearance etc..

Q. How can honest officers can be protected so that they can serve better without fear? Asked by: sangeeta

A. Atleast at present there is no such system. On the contrary it is very difficult to survive for a honest officer.

Q. What steps can be taken to reduce it? I myself belong to this industry. Can you please cite few rules/steps that can be taken by us when we see or sense such activities going on around? When u said that yes it will continue, it sounded so pathetic. Asked by: AjeetPanigrahi

A. Situation is pathetic only dishonest officer can survive and prosper.

Q. What should the govt do? Asked by: Sachin

A. The govt and particularly high level politician to create a situation where by honest officer can perform the duties.

Q. After some years coming and raising the voice of illegality is no solution. How they managed to get electricity supply, water connection, deposit money in banks, pay some tax etc. Who is liable for all such things also? Asked by: pc

A. Because of high corruption, dishonesty and cry for to become rich with the bribed money everything illegal is possible.

Q. The point Indians are becoming, I don't why inhuman day by day as Kiran Bedi earlier also mentioned we need to teach humanity more. We don't care how many people die like this until there is some celebrity involved. who will take care the responsibility of that child who has lost her parents? ans. no one. Asked by: pc aka @jpchat9

A. Yes, I agree humanity is disappearing very fast for the sake of money.

Q. In your opinion what could be the ideal time frame required to construct the building such as one which has collapse in Thane. Asked by: VVP

A. To make the mass housing available to the needy people at affordable cost.

Q. Thank You very much Sir for such Straightforward and Honest Reply. Will try to change your lines- "situation is pathetic only dishonest officer can survive and prosper". Asked by: AjeetPanigrahi

A. Ok.

Q. Class 4 to class ! all are corrupt.... to whom normal people should go is the question? Asked by: Manish

A. Normal people are helpless they would have to bribe if the work is to be done. Perhaps fast coming technology might find answers.

Q. The people purchasing the illegal flats, residing in the flats. Are also responsible for this. Do you suggest action any action who are doing this knowingly? Asked by: Manish

A. People are helpless everybody needs shelter including animals and birds. so human being do require shelter and we must plan for providing shelter till then action need to against unscrupulous builders.

Q. Do you see any hope for poor people of this country as compared to the situation when you were in action few years back. Asked by: B B Mohanti

A. I hope, if we can economically progress with a speed solution will evolve and common people will get justice.

First Published: April 8, 2013, 4:13 PM IST
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