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Hooch Tragedy: Guj for death penalty for convicts


First published: July 15, 2009, 11:42 PM IST | Updated: July 15, 2009
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Hooch Tragedy: Guj for death penalty for convicts
The recent Hooch tragedy in Ahmebdabad left 130 people.

Ahmedabad: In the wake of recent Hooch tragedy, the Gujarat government has introduced a Bill in the state Assembly to amend the Prohibition Law, thereby seeking stringent punishment, including death penalty, to deal with illicit liquor trade.

"We have taken a historical step to introduce a Bill in the current assembly session to amend the Prohibition Law making it 'very stringent' to control illicit liquor tragedy," a top government official said.

The recent Hooch tragedy has so far claimed more than 130 lives in Ahmedabad.

The proposed amendments seek penal action upto 'death penalty' for those convicted in spurious liquor cases. It also calls for a punishment upto life imprisonment for bootleggers.

The other proposals seek punishment of upto 10 years for the makers of illicit liquor, persons responsible for its transportation, those who stock such liquor and those involved in its sale.

In no case, the punishment would be less than seven years.

Also, the proposed amendment in the law include the provision that police officers and other officials concerned are liable for punishment for up to one year for negligence in discharging their duties.

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