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How Govind Tiwari got his 15 minutes of fame

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Updated: July 20, 2011, 3:03 PM IST
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How Govind Tiwari got his 15 minutes of fame
Govind Tiwari has become an overnight online sensation, all thanks to his kitschy blog.

New Delhi: Govind Tiwari from Allahabad has become an overnight online sensation, all thanks to his kitschy blog - govindtiwari.blogspot.com.

Govind Tiwari has been one of the top trends on Twitter for much of Tuesday and Wednesday and the the link to his blog has been shared over 12,000 times on Facebook. There is also a Facebook fan page on him.

The gaudy design of his blog attracted so much interest the world over that he exceeded the bandwidth limit on Photobucket, the image hosting service he used to house the images put up on his blog. He seems to have put up as many different multimedia effects he possibly could, making his blog the online equivalent of a freak show.

His self-obsessed blog doesn't have much content except for a few YouTube videos which have been edited in classic Indian wedding video style.

According to his Orkut profile, he studied at Bharat Scout and Guide Inter College, Allahabad. While he is present on many online hangouts, Govind seems to be most active on Orkut where he has about 160 friends and has posted over a thousand scraps and over 200 photos.

All of Govind's photos, possibly shot in a photo studio, have him in the same posture with his hands crossed below his chest. Govind also played around with Photoshop to give his photos some rudimentary effects. One of the photos that he posted on Orkut has US President Barack Obama watching him on television.

He runs as many as 11 blogs on Google's Blogger service and is also present on Twitter, YouTube. His Twitter account has only one Tweet March 9. The LinkedIn profile for Govind Tiwari seems to be a fake that someone else created as a spoof. Also the Facebook account in his name was created only on Wednesday. There is also a Wordpress blog in his name.

Govind Tiwari's sudden rise to fame goes to show that in the online world it doesn't necessarily take quality content to get noticed. This was also witnessed when a 13-year-old American eighth grader Rebecca Black gave the the Japan tsunami a stiff competition for a place on Twitter trends. She bacame a sensation when Comedy Central posted her single Friday on their blog under the title 'Songwriting Isn't For Everyone'. She has since made a comeback with an all new song, 'My moment'.

Now, what will be Govind's comeback move?

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First Published: July 20, 2011, 3:03 PM IST
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