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I am very greedy as an actor, want to play diverse characters and surprise you: 'Kai Po Che' actor Amit Sadh

Updated: March 7, 2013, 3:32 PM IST
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I am very greedy as an actor, want to play diverse characters and surprise you: 'Kai Po Che' actor Amit Sadh
Actor Amit Sadh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his experience of acting in 'Kai Po Che'.

Actor Amit Sadh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his experience of acting in 'Kai Po Che'.

Q. Hi, do you go to gym? Asked by: kiran

A. Yes, in the morning, was pretty sore from yesterdays football session...but still made it for a quich 40.

Q. How was experience working with co star? Asked by: because hirason

A. Amazing, life changing...it was a riot wit the boys... lot of work and lots of fun.

Q. There have been quite a few emotionally and physically intense scenes in the movie, how difficult was it to shoot these scenes? Asked by: Ansuman

A. Well, they were very taxing, but I had to go all out and become Omi, rather than acting Omi. Also, my director, Gattu sir, has a big role in helping me create what I did.

Q. Which are your upcoming movies? Asked by: Vikram

A. Lol, can't talk about them yet...may be a week more of silence lol

Q. How many working days was the film shot? Asked by: Surya

A. 70

Q. Hey is this movie based on chatan bhagats book '3 mistakes of my life' Asked by: mohsimw

A. Yes.

Q. Had you went through the audition for getting Omi's role in KPC..which character you would have loved to play in KPC if not Omi. Asked by: Rohit

A. It's just Omi now....and the other 2 roles have been so well done, by Sushant and Raj, that I can't take that away from them.

Q. Hi Amit..I really liked your performance in the movie... it was like an atom bomb...was it difficult? Asked by: Leena

A. Well, yes, at times it was very confusing, as Omi goes thru so much of changes and emotional turmoil,and his own journey find clarity from confusion and becoming a man of his own path. There was so much of in depth layering...so to keep up with this fr the entire shooting,was a task, but had a great time supporting me and especially Gattu sir, my director. He guided me through.

Q. If not an actor, where would I be seeing you situated in? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

A. Sports, may be.

Q. I'm Gujju and from Ahmadabad. So I want to know what you feel about Ahmadabad? Do you like city? Asked by: naiya

A. I think it s lovely city, I made so many friends there while I was there....people are just very lovely and hospitable.

Q. What was your reaction on reading the script of the movie for the first time? Asked by: Ansuman

A. I was like, I want this.

Q. Dude, how r u? You rocked in KPC. By the way, I used to follow your Guns and roses...I was big fan of yours and that program. Share us what your struggling period and your preparation....for it. Asked by: Samuel

A. hi, Thank you, I think it's because of wishes and love of several people,which has got me out here now.. last 5 years where very difficult,but full of learning, so i just take the positives...and a big thank you my friend.

Q. 'Kai Po Che' Very few films have really touched my heart & this one really did. The narration is defined so well & there are some truly wonderful, magical scenes that it really has an emotional connect with the audience. 3 friends starting a new business. Ishaan's fight with kid. Ishaan & Amrita(bro - sis) patch up. Ishaan & Omi get together after fight. Hindu - Muslim fight where Ishaan get shot by Omi. Omi's meet with Ishaan(Amrita-Raj's kid named Ishaan) & climax where you cried was such a beautiful and emotional moment, these are the highlights of the movie. I even saw tears in eyes of some ppl after the climax scene. You have shown great versatility in acting, Omi's part wasnt so much defined in book, but you got enough space in the movie which was well written & wonderfully acted by you. Abhishek Kapoor has truly bought life into the characters & made you guys look really beautiful. One of the finest movies I have ever seen & truly I reckon this is gonna be the best one of year hopefully. Are you gonna be more choosy & careful now about upcoming films and scripts. Whose your inspiration? Asked by: SushantKoko

A. Thank you, that's a great descriptive compliment, well, definitely want to pick good stories n characters, where I can keep growing and learning.... Amitabh Bachchan, is a big source of inspiration Daniel day Lewis Chritain bale and many people.

Q. On entering Bollywood and competing against the big star studded industry, did you find anything unusual in understanding the term called "Humanity"? Did Money in anyway drive you to this film or it was sheer passion? Asked by: jaison

A. I don't understand all this, I just want to explore my self, test my limits, grow as an actor and as a person... and find a small places in people s heart, I am happy with that.

Q. How does it feel after receiving so much of applause for KPC? Indeed a great movie, I must say. Asked by: Ansuman

A. Wooooo...overwhelming, estatic......on top of the world, big thank you to all.

Q. How is working in movies different than in TV? Asked by: Haritha

A. Well as an actor, not much, you always work hard and give your best.

Q. The movie was great but why didn't you all end it like the novel? Asked by: Barney

A. Director's call.

Q. Do have any films at present? Asked by: kiran

A. Yes...lol.

Q. After receiving a lot of acclaim, is your team expecting any awards? Asked by: Surya

A. Well, we'll wait and watch.

Q. Did 'Kai Po Che' in anyway change your aspects towards life? And why are films getting into so much controversies like Vishwaroopam, even though the censor boards have cleared it? Your thoughts on this issue? Asked by: jaison

A. Well, shooting for the film has been life changing, won't divulge into the controversies, as I am not very well equipped for that.

Q. Hey Amit, how difficult it was struggling in the Bollywood industry and just make an impact? Anyways loved your acting in the movie.. all the best. Asked by: akhil

A. Firstly, thank you it has been an eventful journey I just tried sticking to the basics... and kept working hard.

Q. What were your hangout places in Lucknow during your schooling? Asked by: Abhishek Yadav

A. Hazratganj Aminabad.

Q. Don't you feel you have been given a raw deal compared to Sushant? Asked by: kiran

A. Haha, no I am happy with what I have got...very grateful to everyone.

Q. From TV to big screen..and being from a non filmy background..you might have gone through a lot of struggle. Finally, it might be giving you lots of satisfaction on getting such appreciation for your film and role..good job..vary nice movie and you very nicely played your role. Asked by: Sid

A. Thank you, yes it's quite a journey... feel great long way to go though.

Q. Hi Amit..I became a very big fan of ur's after watching KPC.. Asked by: Mridul

A. Thank you Mridul, my best to you.

Q. What kind of role would you like to do in future? Asked by: Leena

A. I am very greedy as an actor. So, want to do a lot of diverse characters and keep surprising you.

Q. Your new film? Asked by: ramesh

A. Will tell you in a week.

Q. you read the book 3 mistakes of my life before the movie was planned or after you got the role in the movie.. Asked by: Anil

A. I read it wen it was published, I never miss a Chetan Bhagat novel.

Q. Congratulations, it's great to see talented young blood at the fore, so how do you feel creatively post release of KPC? Asked by: Sampthrupti

A. Satisfied, it's a great feeling.

Q. In the end Ishaan was dead, but Ishaan not dead in nobel, why? Asked by: SHOBHIT MISHRA

A. That's how the writers thought it should be.

Q. Who support you more when you are new comer? Asked by: Aditya

A. Well, you have to be your best friend, but I was lucky, I have a lot of people believing in me.

Q. Hey I don't know much about you but I enjoyed the film and friendship you guys shared, and I am also from Lucknow :) Asked by: Vibhor Sahu

A. Awesome, thank you, all the best.

Q. How different are you in real life compared to the character of Omi you played in 'KPC'? Asked by: Ansuman

A. Absolutely different... guess the the fun of being an actor,where u can become someone else..... but I did connect with Omi on a soul level, I think, I have a same sense of purity within.

Q. Just like any big star who gives their inputs to director or director follows the actor so in your case does he ask your opinion about particular scene or you just blindly followed him. Asked by: hempushp

A. We didn't have that problem, Gattu sir's clarity on this film and each character was so amazing, that we didn't have to think much, having said that he did give us the space to think and come up with anything we felt good for a scenes or the film.

Q. I want to get into films any tips? Asked by: kiran

A. Work hard, read and live.

Q. Share some experience about the film ? Asked by: SHOBHIT MISHRA

A. Well, it was a difficult film to make we were shooting in 48 degress in Gujarat....but it was a lot of fun.

Q. Would you love to play a role with SRK and why? Asked by: DEVANG

A. Offcourse, who wouldn't... I myself a big fan.

Q. 'Kai Po Che', any Oscar dreams? ;) Asked by: jaison

A. Lol....we can start dreaming.

Q. The film has became successful..but any thing you wanted to change in the film though. Asked by: Sumit

A. Nothing.

Q. Hi Amit, I have seen your interview and i liked your attitude of not saying about your past to create sympathy and coming to movie you simply rocked, I am fan of the book and you were living the OMI.. you have a long career ahead and not a one movie wonder all the best for your future. Asked by: SriHarsha

A. Thank you, I really appreciate that I have your vote of confidence.

Q. Hi..first of all many congratulation to you for the movie success..Which is your favorite character among 3..Ishan, Omi or gopal. Asked by: Ram

A. All characters are great.

Q. Your favorite film and actor? Asked by: SHOBHIT MISHRA

A. Hmmmm....Daniel Day Lewis, movie...in the name of my father.

Q. Hi, am from TN.. it's not that easy for a Hindi movie to have a packed house down south especially in TN. But 'Kai Po Che' made it. Its being treated equal to Vishwaroopam. Full credit goes to the script and you guys. The movie was just amazing. Asked by: Anand

A. Thank you...that's lovely.

Q. Hi which is better medium to act? is it TV serial or Film? Asked by: sandesh

A. Mediums don't matter, just work with honesty and integrity.

Q. Hi Amit, Did you never feel that you should do Ishan's role? Asked by: Ganesh Birale

A. hahahahaha no I am happy with Omi.

Q. Would you as an actor prefer to be versatile and try different roles or would you prefer having a stronghold in one particular genre of acting? Asked by: Ansuman

A. Do everything...explore.

Q. Was it a difficult journey in getting a chance to play a part in Kai Po Che? How did you land yourself in this film? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

A. I was audition by our casting director,mukkesh chabra and Gattu sir, liked my performance and I got the role.

Q. Any wishlist of directors you would love to work with? Asked by: Sachin

A. Huge.

Q. How was it working with Sonu Sood in Maximum? Why do u think Maximum did not get it's maximum result at the box office? Do u regret working in it? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

A. No regrets, it was a learning experience and love Sonu Bhai, very grateful to him, in always showing faith in me, he is a darling.

Q. Do you have your fb account? Asked by: SHOBHIT MISHRA

A. Hahahaha...yes.

Q. Amit, I thought you & Amrita would make a nice couple & some romantic moments would be there in movie, but was completely surprised after watching you. you are awesome dude. Great Energy & acting display. Loved the part when you & Ishaan patch up & climax scene. All the Best. Asked by: Sushant Nahak

A. Thank you so much.

Q. Who is favourite south Indian actor? Asked by: Srikar

A. Vikram.

Q. You sir are a brilliant actor !! Looking forward for the release of your next movies already :) Asked by: aisha

A. Thank you.

Q. Did Bigg Boss help you in anyway with regard to your personal self and professional career? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

A. No, it was a mistake, which I don't regret.

Q. Wish you many more successful movies and years :) Don't forget your fans :) Asked by: Leena

A. Never, thank you for all the love and support.

Q. Congratulations Amit! You are doing really well. Dad, Mr. S R Rakshit was very happy to see you on screen. Asked by: Swarnakshi Rakshit Bose

A. Wow, hey thank you.

Q. Your date of birth please!! Asked by: aisha

A. 5th June.

Q. Hmm in your next film what type role/character you want? Asked by: SHOBHIT MISHRA

A. In progress, will tell soon.

Q. When in your life you thought that you got be be an actor..was it from the childhood? Asked by: Jigar

A. No very late, guess late teens.

First Published: March 7, 2013, 3:32 PM IST
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