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I choose my scripts very carefully: Manoj Bajpayee

Updated: May 7, 2013, 6:25 PM IST
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I choose my scripts very carefully: Manoj Bajpayee
Actor Manoj Bajpayee joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his new movie 'Shootout At Wadala'.

Director Sanjay Gupta's 'Shootout At Wadala' is based on Hussain Zaidi's book 'Mumbai to Dongri'. The film revolves around the story of a two gangs and their struggle for power. A prequel to 2007 film 'Shootout At Lokhandwala', the film shows the first-registered encounter by Mumbai police. The film stars John Abraham, Manoj Bajpayee, Sonu Sood, Tusshar and Kangana Ranaut in prominent roles. On his new movie 'Shootout At Wadala'. Actor Manoj Bajpayee joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his new movie 'Shootout At Wadala'.

Q. Manoj, first things first, many congratulations to you, in particular and your team in general for putting up a commendable show. Did the crew of SAW face resistance from the kith and kin of the lords of the underworld whom you people portrayed, just was was the case with the cast and crew of your predecessors SAL? Asked by: Mansoor

A. Till now I have never faced any problem or anyone has called me up.

Q. Which kind of roles do you like doing? Asked by: Rohit

A. Actor is ready to do a role which is very well written.

Q. As an actor, how do you justify movies having too much of violence? Asked by: Shobana

A. Violence is part of our lives ...we don't justify we tell a story.

Q. Your acting skills are commendable. Asked by: niki

A. Thank you very much.

Q. Good evening sir,dialog form an important part of film,and i feel our Bollywood movies all though taking many giant strides in term of a movie quality still lacks in that dialog department.for example one of your movie 'Gangs of Wasseypur' became a big hit and you can see the popularity of its dialog like "tumse na ho paye ga"..these thing remain in memory of public for long time,so whats your take on this? do our story writers need to work on these issues? Asked by: Jst Ashish

A. Writing is a dept which is lacking great talent since long time...but special 26, GOW, SAW have great writing from Bollywood.

Q. Do you believe in the numerous award functions held every year? Asked by: Rohit

A. No...the way they are right now...whether you get it or not...it really doesn't matter.

Q. A big Fan of yours. wish you a great future. Asked by: Rohit

A. Thank you...keep watching our films.

Q. Sometimes your movies are critically acclaimed but not seen by public at large does that bothers you? Asked by: Rohit

A. It always bothered me...sometimes it doesn't get support of marketing or distribution but eventually it wins National award like my movie 1971.

Q. Sir, how did you chose acting as your career? Asked by: Rohit

A. I don't know...since my childhood I wanted to be an actor.

Q. Hi Manoj, I was really impressed with your performance in Shootout and also 'Special Chabbis'... Why haven't you tried the comedy Genre? Do you have anything in pipeline? Asked by: Ramesh

A. 'Saat Uchek' is coming ...I'm shooting for this film in Delhi.

Q. Why is it that these days people make movies with so much violence. Don't you think your movie is too violent and cold? Asked by: niki

A. Do you really think special 26 was violent?...I do all kinds of films.

Q. sir though the role is good its too diminished in terms of time and influence compared to your larger than life image.. then why did you choose it? similar was the case in 'Chakravyuh'. Asked by: akhilesh pandita

A. I somehow go with my relationship the director, in both the films my character, my performances have been talked about the most.

Q. Who according to you is all time best actor in Bollywood? Asked by: Rohit

A. No one person can be all time best.

Q. Which character would you love to play - A hardcore commercial villain or a character with shades of grey? Which one would interest you more? Asked by: Abhi

A. I do all kinds of roles positive, negative...an actor is who gives his best in every other role.

Q. Did you read Zaidi's book before starting to shoot? Asked by: Avinash

A. I read Zaidi's book...before Sanjay Gupta talked to me about the role.

Q. Why don't you do commercials,you did some in your early time Allen Solly for example! Asked by: vishal sinha

A. I have done Pan Vilas ...I just shot for a soda ad...when script is good...money is good...why else will an actor do it.

Q. Which movie according to you is your best movie? Asked by: Yogesh

A. There are not one...there may be 20...I chose my scripts very carefully.

Q. If given a choice, would you prefer to do a role of a Rail Minister or Law Minister :-) Asked by: Daksh

A. Whichever gives me good money...haha.

Q. Manoj - Whom do you consider to be best actor in India apart from you and Mr. Bachchan? Whom do you think is a promising actor in the yonger lot? Asked by: Abhi

A. I think Naseerudin Shah...and Nawaz I like...also he is a friend.

Q. Its been observed that you have lot of witty dialogues in your movies, do you insist for them, or is that great writing?? Asked by: Ramesh

A. It is also writing and performance.

Q. Sir.. loved your performance in SAW.. Keep up the good work.. If you were to choose one favorite role of yours, which one would you? Bhiku Matre, Sardar Khan or any other? Asked by: Roy

A. Are you mad? How can I chose between Bhiku Matre, Sardar Khan...but thank you for your compliments.

Q. Hi Manoj sir, I have been a massive fan of you since 'Satya' days. According to me your best performance till date came from 'Shool'. Which role you have enjoyed the most among all you have played till now? Any Favorite? Thanks for replying. Asked by: Sachin

A. There are 20 favourites...I enjoyed all my roles...Good luck to all of you.

First Published: May 7, 2013, 6:25 PM IST
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