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I didn't want to copy Salman: 'Osthe' star Simbu

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Updated: October 31, 2011, 6:07 PM IST
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I didn't want to copy Salman: 'Osthe' star Simbu
Like his father T Rajendar, Silambarasan (Simbu to all) is a pretty good multitasker.

New Delhi: Like his father T Rajendar, Silambarasan (Simbu to all) is a pretty good multitasker. Besides the many movies he has acted in since 1987, he directed 'Vallavan' (2006), wrote the chartbuster song 'Where's the party tonight?' and has sung numerous songs including 'Loosu penne' ('Vallavan').

Simbu's fan base only grew after Gautam Menon's 2010 hit, 'Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa'. And now comes 'Osthe', the remake of the Hindi monster hit, 'Dabangg'. More from the 26-year-old actor, who has added Mallika Sherawat to his list of admirers.

I didn't want to imitate Salman Khan

When I was offered this role, I knew I'd have to make it my own. Though we adapted few nuances from the original, like when Salman takes his sunglasses and hangs it on his collar, everything else is presented in a new light. I have not spoken to Salman Khan yet. We will meet after 'Osthe' releases.

Mallika Sherawat

I had read a lot about Mallika (Sherawat) but I hadn't met her before this. While shooting for 'Kalasala', she told me people were tweeting her, asking her to better her moves because she would be dancing with me (laughs). I admire the way she carried off those typical koothu moves. I did share some tips but she is a good performer in her own right.

Honest people inspire me

I am aware that I meet people who act honest and have intentions to take advantage of me, but I trust my instincts. I know when people are genuine and when they aren't.

There are many remakes in the film industry

This does not mean there is a lack of new ideas. Good cinema should reach a wider audience. 'Dabanng' was a blockbuster and it is a good movie, there's no harm in sharing the same story with a different section of the audience.

I was shocked

I was shocked and perhaps paranoid when I read the reports of my six pack for 'Osthe'. I didn't want people to have the wrong expectations from the film, because I was really not planning to show off my body. But when the news spread, I spoke to my director and decided that I would shape up for the climax sequence.


To deal with stress, I just listen to music. It charges me and fills me up with good spirit. My favourite is 'Kadhal Valarthen' ('Manmathan').

Given all the aspects of filmmaking, I believe music is the most essential. Be it background music or a song, music completes a film. I am very particular about getting good music for all my movies. If there's a sequence in slow motion, and if you have music to go with it, it becomes better.

I am an emotional person. When I get involved in a relationship, I give my 100 per cent. I don't care if she is an actress or if she belongs to any other profession. If I love someone, I love her with all my heart. This applies to my work as well.

All time viewing

'Notebook' (2004): Because the man (played by Ryan Gosling) was in love with her (Rachel Adams) until she dies.

'Perfume' (2004): It is a very different kind of a movie. The protagonist goes to lengths to search for the ultimate scent. The movie almost lets you smell the scent.

'Oru Thalai Ragam' (1980): It is about one sided love. The protagonist (Vijaya Rajendra) is crazily in love but the woman realises it only after he dies. I believe this a unique film in Tamil cinema.

'Osthe' is scheduled to release on November 11, 2011.

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First Published: October 31, 2011, 6:07 PM IST
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