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I never had any strategy as I'm too straightforward a person: Bigg Boss winner Urvashi Dholakia

Updated: January 17, 2013, 3:17 PM IST
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I never had any strategy as I'm too straightforward a person: Bigg Boss winner Urvashi Dholakia
Television actress Urvashi Dholakia joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on winning the Bigg Boss, Season 6.

In a fitting finale, television actress Urvashi Dholakia was announced as the winner of 'Bigg Boss 6'. Urvashi was among the top four contestants who were left in the house on the final day of the show. The actress won Rs 50 Lac cash prize and a glittering trophy as her name was announced by host Salman Khan at the grand finale. Urvashi joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on winning the Bigg Boss, Season 6.

Q. Congrats Urvashi, we sincerely hope that your career will greatly move forward now! Which sort of roles do you like more: negative, vampish, romantic, dominating, etc? But I like you playing negative roles. However you are great playing positive roles as well. Asked by: gaurav

A. Firstly, thank you so much for your wishes. As far as what roles I would like to do then it all depends on what I get offered and if its interesting then I would surely do it.:)

Q. Hi Urvashi, Many many congratulations for winning Bigg Boss 6. I want to ask the most obvious question. What is you future plan? Asked by: Avik Sen Roy

A. Hi Avik and thank you for your wishes:) I never plan anything in life as I believe in taking each day as it comes:)

Q. Do you think Imam deserve to be at 2nd position? If not you who do you think should have won the show? Siddu's elimination helped everyone to stay longer in the race for finale? Asked by: Ganesh

A. Hi Ganesh, I'm no one to judge if Imam should've been in 2nd position or not but personally I would've wanted Niketan to win.

Q. Do you think this is a big turning point to your career? Are you looking for a lead role in a movie or TV shows? Asked by: vishal kotak

A. Hi Vishal, yes I definately think it's a turning point for me in life as people got to see the real me for a change, as far as work goes I'm open to working on anything that interests me.

Q. Congrats Urvashi - you deserved to win - hearty congrats - never change your self :) :) Asked by: vinisha

A. Thanks so much Vinisha and I'm so happy to know that you like me for I am :)

Q. As you have stayed there in the house since Day 1, do you think Sana was capable enough to reach the final 3 of the Finale? Asked by: Mukesh Bhat

A. Hi Mukesh, if Sana stayed there till the end I'm sure she was liked by the viewers.

Q. Do reality shows help you get into TV serials and movies? Asked by: Manu

A. Hi Manu, I'm a kind of person who did not believe in using this platform for work as i was already working from much longer as far helping goes then that all depends on destiny and hard work. Only you can help yourself.

Q. Hey Urvashi, Did you ever find Imam was your real opponent candidate ? Asked by: Sambit Pattanaik

A. Hi Sambit, I think I was Imam's real opponent candidate:)

Q. Hi Urvashi..!! First of all congrats on winning Bigg Boss Season-6..I wanted to ask why you are not seen in any TV serials nowadays. And what is gonna be your next venture on the small screen? Asked by: Ankit Sood

A. Hi Ankit, thank you so much for your wishes. Well I've been working for 28 yrs of my life and I think at some point I too like others deserve a bit of rest. Plus I do have a family that needs attention:) Honestly I don't know what future has in store for me but I truly hope theres something good.

Q. First of all Congratulations! Staying with different shades of people for more than 90 days. What has been the highlight and lowlight in human behavior which you noticed during these days. Asked by: Anjan

A. Hi Anjan, thank you so much for your wishes, there are so many things you realise when you are in that house as usually in your regular life you do have a choice as to who you want be in touch with but in the house you have no choice, you are confined with them so you see a lot of ups and downs. It's very difficult to mention all highs and lows as there are plenty.

Q. What was the reaction of your Family on seeing you on Big Boss? Asked by: Chirag Aidasani

A. Like any other family, my family was extremely supportive as always and very proud:)

Q. Hi Urvashi, congrats for winning Big Boss 6. Really loved your attitude throughout the season. My question is, does friendship made/broken inside house gets carried to the outside world? Asked by: Abhishek

A. Hi Abhishek, thank you so much. There is a saying "you cant clap with one hand" the same way it depends on the individuals as to how they want to take things further.

Q. Hello Urvashi! Congratulations what are your future plans? Asked by: Navendu

A. Hi Navendu, thank you so much. As of now I plan to be with family and friends but otherwise I like taking each day as it comes.

Q. Hello Urvashi. I really admire you as a strong woman. You have come a long way in your career right from Shilpa of Dekh Bhai Dekh till Komolika. I would like to know why did you opt for a show like Big Boss at this stage of your career? Asked by: Meenakshi

A. Hi Meenakshi, and I'm humbled by your admiration. I just made this decision as my heart and mind asked me to at that moment. I never plan anything.

Q. Do you think you are real winner, do u deserve this price? Asked by: danish dabir

A. People have made me a winner and I thank them for it totally as they truly thought I deserved it.

Q. Hey congrats Urvashi, I was confident that you could win this from the beginning, so what challenge you face to win this and what's your strategy? Asked by: amol

A. Hi Amol, thank you for being so confident and supportive, I never had any strategies as I'm too straightforward a person. I was just being myself and that was my biggest win.

Q. Urvashi...you were very strong in your decision in Bigg Boss..Am I right? Asked by: tanuj

A. Yes you are 100% right. As I believe each one of us should have some self confidence.

Q. Hi;-) urvashi do you have sister-brother relationship with Rajiv Paul or only thinks so. Asked by: Ankit ranga

A. Rajiv always called me his sister but never really proved it according to me, my question to you is that did you ever hear me say that he is my brother?

Q. Hi Urvashi, Congrats!!! How do you judge Salman as a host? We feel that you were slightly uncomfortable with Salman giving importance to others, especially Rajiv & Sana. Your comments plz:) Asked by: Arshadh

A. Thank you so much for your wishes, I think Salman is a great host and an even greater human being. As far as him giving importance to others go, then as a part of that house everybody deserved it :)

Q. Hi Urvashi.. I often see traces of Kareena Kapoor in your looks. No wonder your as beautiful as her. As I am a Salman fan. I would like to have your feedback on him as a person. Asked by: FAZ

A. Thank you so much Faz as I'm a huge admirer of Kareena myself and I think when people say I resemble her slightly I take that as a huge compliment. Salman is a gr8 person, a wonderful human being and a very genuine person.

Q. Hi Urvashi, Bigg Boss-6 was so much like a family member. We miss the show and all of your action. Wat do you think was the reason for your sustainability at house? Asked by: John

A. Oh that's so sweet, the reason I think I sustained because I was myself.

Q. My wife is an ardent follower of Big Boss. And she wants to know if your planning to be in any future reality shows. Asked by: FAZ

A. A big hello to your wife:) if her good wishes are with me along with her support then I would surely be seen soon enough , be it fiction or reality.

Q. Congrats Urvashi and also thanks a lot for taking your precious time and chatting with us. Asked by: Subhra Sankha Deb

A. Thanks Subhra, and it is totally my pleasure to be a part of this chat :)

Q. What would be your advice to struggling professionals who want to mark their presence in the acting world. Asked by: Abinash Das

A. I'm no one to advice but all I would say is that work hard and you shall reap the benefits of it :))

Q. hi Urvashi, congratulate how you managed with different kinds of people? Asked by: abdul hafeez khan

A. Hi Abdul and thanks for your wishes, how did I manage? Well this is who I am and when you are yourself you don't have to try things just go with the flow :)

Q. Hey Urvashi, congrats! do you really think Niketan is your good friend, or it was a diplomacy in the Big Boss house to take advantage of groupism, because Niketan was popular among housemates? Asked by: shivanshu soni

A. Hi Shivanshu thank you so much, and yes Niketan is a good friend mine as I value my friendships a lot. And to surprise you I just happened to speak to him about a minute ago :)))

Q. Urvashi congratulations ! Were you somewhere scared of Imam as a strong competitor? Also, have Bakhtiyar comments changed the chemistry between you and Delnaaz? Delnaaz has publicly spoken that you 'were' her friend. Asked by: Shaifali

A. I think you should be asking Imam this question ;))) as far as the latter half of the question goes I rather talk about something more interesting.

Q. Hi Urvashi. I understand how painful it is spending 3 months in Bigg Boss house, that to with Imam like person. Let me know few points made you positive and stay controlled. Asked by: Sambit Pattanaik

A. I wouldn't say its painful but it was certainly challenging! As far as staying positive goes then it all depends on oneself :) just be true to yourself and all will be well.

Q. Personally I would greatly appreciate if you come to Uttarakhand, the very beautiful state and do some shoots there. I've been to most of the state and it has great locations Asked by: gaurav

A. If destiny has it in store for me to visit Uttarakhand then I will surely shoot with you.

Q. Dear Urvashi, it was lovely to see you bonding with your sons..you have really brought them up very nicely...My question to you is how did they react to the accusations and nasty comments of Imam on you? Asked by: Humminbird

A. Imam is someone that needs help according to me and my sons are very protective of me but at the same time very mature too and I'm proud of that.

Q. When you entered Bigg Boss..did you know you will certainly win..like you are the one kind of feeling. Asked by: abhishek

A. Till the end I was unsure of myself and to top it all I never expected to stay for more than 3 weeks. I'm surprised I lasted so long and more surprised that I got so much support and won it too.

Q. Hi Urvashi, I really like the secret task which big boss gave you. How did you manage to hide it? My second question is what were you thinking who will win when you were in Big Boss house? Asked by: Rohit

A. Thank you so much for appreciating me doing my secret task. Well all my life I've been directed by various directors to perform certain scenes and this time my director " bigg boss " wanted me to do this and so I did. How did I manage to hide it? Well if I would've spoken about it then it wouldn't be a secret ;)) I always said let the best man or woman win the show till the end and I meant it.

Q. Hi Urvashi, my dad and me are big fans of yours since Kasautii days. I have no questions for you, just that I always supported you since the first day and give you my hearty congratulations for winning the title. :) And one more thing, your mom is beautiful :) Asked by: Rashmi Karan Bhadauria

A. Hi Rashmi, thank you so much for your love and support:) A big hello to your dad and I shall surely convey your compliment forward to my mother. Your love and support means a lot :))) thanks again.

Q. Dear Urvashi, during the final stages of the Bigg Boss show, were you frustrated? Did the long stay play a role on your psyche? Asked by: Zain

A. I would not call it frustration but I'm not the kind of woman to take personal attacks lightly, we all have a right to fight for ourselves :))

Q. When you see the Delnaz and Aashka, Sana's cheap comments about your relation ship with Niketan,.. how you feel,..and love you Urva and Nik, miss you people badly,..I have seen the live feed of Bigg Boss only because of you guys,.all the best. Asked by: sushma.shetty

A. I choose not to see negativity around me :) and people can say whatever they want as it just goes to show their insecurity of some sort :)) we miss being there for you too.. thank you.

Q. Hello mam, it was really nice to see you doing that khufia task...u made Rajiv Paul cry, Delnaaz too ...the way you changed the taste of food . That was remarkable. Nobody got clue what exactly is happening with them. How you were able to manage this? were you nervous? Asked by: Manpreet Singh

A. Making people cry was not that difficult, have you forgotten I was a Vamp? Ha ha ha just kidding.

Q. Hey Urvashi, whenever possible do come to smaller cities as these are the places where real India is! Asked by: gaurav

A. I surely will come :))))

Q. When was the first time you really though that you have a great chance to win..is that when you first saw the co contestant? Asked by: rohit

A. I never thought till the end that I could win :))

Q. What are your future plans? Asked by: MANOJ DALAL

A. The future is not in my hands :))) all depends on God and your support and blessings.

Q. Dear Urvashi, I loved that curly haired look of yours with that blue dress...please do repeat that look...you looked ravishing in that! :) Asked by: Hummingbird

A. Even I loved that look :)) yes I shall continue doing it.

Q. So from a popular vamp to a popular "good" girl.. how is the change? Asked by: maddy

A. You guys are the reason behind the change as what u saw w the real me so technically I should ask you how does it feel now that your perception towards me as a person has changed:))

Q. Dear Urvashi, I love your honestly and bluntness...you never two faced like most other participants..but it was sad that you could not give response to Bakhtiar's comments on you that time! What would you have said? Asked by: Hummingbird

A. Thank you for loving me for who I am but don't be sad as I choose not to acknowledge rubbish and negativity in life:))

First Published: January 17, 2013, 3:17 PM IST
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