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I think Ram Singh committed suicide but let's wait for the report: Kiran Bedi

Updated: March 11, 2013, 6:08 PM IST
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I think Ram Singh committed suicide but let's wait for the report: Kiran Bedi
What lessons can the police and jail authorities draw from the suicide of Ram Singh?

What lessons can the police and jail authorities draw from the suicide of Ram Singh? Former director general of Tihar jail Kiran Bedi shared her perspective in an interaction with IBNLive readers.

Q. Why should the police learn any lessons from this episode? I think, albeit inadvertently, they did the exchequer a favor by not being efficient. Other wise it would have been some more years before justice is done to the victim's family. Asked by: Karthik

A. I know this is the anger of society. But its important to know where one went wrong which enabled this.

Q. Do you suspect this to be anything else other than a suicide? Any conspiracy? Asked by: Vipul

A. Do not appear so so far. Let's see what the report says.

Q. Crime and punishment definitely is a matter of concern for any polity especially a democratic one. But are we senselessly debating such issues nationally to little avail, giving an opportunity to the Government (including the opposition, who are tacitly part of the system of governance) from being held responsible for the abysmal standards of education and other developments on all fronts. The visual media in particular serializes the system of crime and punishment to the point of making it a non-issue by saturation of senses while treading on the toes of the judicial system. Do you feel you, who have access to this media , and others like you have a responsibility to chide our media to the extent that they give enough prime time serious coverage for matters of routine governance (besides crime and punishment). Else the news channels will not differ from those airing non-stop soaps. Asked by: Kelly

A. Yes, we need to move to serious governance issues based on investigations and balance the coverage. Focus on areas of reforms.

Q. Should there be at least a couple of resident psychiatrists in the jail to monitor the mental health of its inmates? Asked by: EMathew

A. Yes, should be. Why not link department of psychology to it for work and research too.

Q. There is big lapse in security inside Tihar Jail. I think there is a politics behind this suicide. Asked by: Neelakantan

A. Does no appear so at all.

Q. Will this turn out to be murder, as we have seen different accused persons being dead before the trial starts or when it is in progress. Asked by: EMathew

A. I doubt it.

Q. Isn't it time we modernized the jail premises to include CCTV footage? These would be helpful in case of rioting inside the jail. Also the jail administration should come under the judiciary with special police to man the jails. Your thoughts. Asked by: EMathew

A. Yes, must use more IT for surveillance.

Q. How is it possible for a person on suicidal watch able to commit suicide? Also with other persons in the same room, why didn't they notice any noise. Asked by: EMathew

A. Let's wait for how he did it...report can help plug loopholes.

Q. We have been seeing the rise in Rapes much more after the brave heart rape case, what is it that the Govenment is waiting for to come up with a strong law? Asked by: ZKD

A. Only law will not be enough. We need 6Ps...people (parents and principals) police, politician, prosecution, prisons and press..in alignment-hence only laws coming from politician will be part solution.

Q. Do you think it is a murder by other inmates? In that case, how come none of our big shot politicians never get a scratch? Asked by: KBoy

A. I think it is suicide but let's wait for the report.

Q. Do you feel bad about Ram Singh? Asked by: sagar

A. Personal view.

Q. How could this been avoided? - Ram sigh suicide. Asked by: sagar

A. Yes, by cell cameras.

Q. The reason for sudden rise of incidents of rapes in the society? Asked by: NITIN

A. Fall in values and values based upbringing. Fall in parental care and teaching in schools - also weak law enforcement and punishment.

Q. Is it possible that the man was tortured/raped in prison? You as a former boss, how do you see this? Asked by: Vipul

A. No way...those days are gone.

Q. Is the any way, that women can feel more secure in Delhi or India better said. Can you share some tips for self defense. Asked by: Amit D

A. It's good to train self defense and carry peeper spray and also stay connected. But continue to be mobile and daring.

Q. With no cell camera what exactly is the meaning of a suicide watch? Asked by: c4conscience

A. Can be human too and other means.

First Published: March 11, 2013, 6:08 PM IST
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