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I waited and dreamt of this moment all my life, says Zubin Mehta

First published: September 7, 2013, 8:04 PM IST | Updated: September 7, 2013
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I waited and dreamt of this moment all my life, says Zubin Mehta
Music maestro Zubin Mehta performed before an invited audience of 1,500 people at the Shalimar Gardens in Kashmir.

Srinagar: The next time he will like to play in a stadium in Kashmir, music maestro Zubin Mehta said on Saturday after achieving his ambition of playing at the Shalimar Gardens.

Performing before an audience of about 2000 people, the 77-year-old musician said, "Because, we want to do good. And, I promise next time, let's do that concert 'sabke, sab Kashmiris mufat' (free) in a stadium.

"Everybody should come. We don't want only select few," he said.

Holding his baton, the Mumbai-born opera music conductor greeted the crowd with folded hands and started his speech in Hindi by expressing his extreme delight to be present on the occasion, hosted by the German Embassy at the historic 17th century 17th century gardens in Srinagar.

"'Hum bahut khush hain, bahut khush hain'(I am very happy) and the wonderful soloists who will perform for you this evening, they are those whom we have heard inadvertently".

Mehta said it was something "I have waited and dreamt of this moment, practically all my life and every person on this subcontinent will agree with that this is where it (concert) should be.

"The moment the music starts, a very positive wave goes across this stage to all of Kashmir, to all our friends, to all our critics, and God bless them all, thank you," he said in his address at the concert.