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I was predestined to be an entertainer: Ranveer Singh


Updated: July 10, 2013, 6:35 PM IST
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I was predestined to be an entertainer: Ranveer Singh
Actor Ranveer Singh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his film 'Lootera'.

Ranveer Singh made a splash into Bollywood with his debut film 'Baand Baaja Baraat'. He may just be three films old, but Ranveer Singh is making all the right choices in the film industry. In Vikramaditya Motwane's latest film, 'Lootera', Ranveer plays a thief who falls in love with Sonakshi Sinha's character. Set in 1953, the film is all about subtle romance. Actor Ranveer Singh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his film 'Lootera'.

Q. Hi, what is it like working with Sonakshi? You both are such good actors. I bet you guys taught each other a lot. Asked by: manasvi

A. Sonakshi has taught a lot to me, she acts very effortlessly but I work a lot before the shooting.

Q. How was your experience with Sonakshi while working together, was she too good or average girl with hit quality? Asked by: gaurav

A. Sonakshi is very easy going about her work, she creates very calm environment.

Q. How is the feeling after this great appreciation from critics for 'Lootera'? Asked by: Deb

A. It feels amazing, it gives confidence about your own craft. More than critics is the audience, its a beautiful feeling.

Q. How was it like working with Vikramaditya? Asked by: Raghav

A. He is a genuine, master craftsman. He is always there to help you. He is very organised, it was amazing working with him.

Q. You always knew that you can act so well? Asked by: Raghav

A. I knew I could act, well is something audience decides. I was predestined to be an entertainer.

Q. There are many challenging project are coming for you like Gunday, Ram Leela etc. Which is the toughest one for you ?Asked by: Debi

A. 'Ram Leela' is much tough, 'Gunday' is a mainstream Bollywood movie. 'Ram leela' is demanding as its very emotional. Bhansali ji keep on making changes, he has very high standards.

Q. I am a copywriter and I know you were a part of Advertising few years back...is it that you always wanted to be an actor or advertising was your first love? Asked by: Mickey

A. Acting is my first love. It was far fetched dream for me during school days, so I studied advertising in US. I'm working on 3 scripts, hopefully it will come out but right now I'm busy acting. The scripts could take some time.

Q. You are doing a great job boss. Keep it up. Asked by: Pranv Koul

A. Thank you, I hope to keep doing good work in my upcoming releases as well.

Q. What was more challenging: Acting in your first movie or acting in 'Lootera'? Asked by: Raghav

A. Both were equally difficult, may be 'Lootera' slightly more.

Q. Can you rate them as per your experiences: 1. Vikramaditya Motwane 2. Sanjay Leela Bhansali 3. Ali Abbas Zafar 4. Maneesh Sharma? Asked by: Raghav

A. Every experience has his own charm and fun. They all have taught me a lot.

Q. Now a days whom do you think the actor will rule the Bollywood for next few decades part from you. Asked by: Subhram

A. I don't know.

Q. Have you ever regretted doing acting instead of creative writing? Asked by: yuvaniimallaw

A. Never ever, it was my dream though I'm passionate about creative writing as well.

Q. Superb work with Sonakshi. What is your view about your moustache? I am from Kolkata so I knew that 'Lootera' is shoot near Kolkata so what is your favourite junk food that you prefers to eat when you will come next time in Kolkata? Asked by: sudeb

A. I like to eat dessert Sandesh and Rasgulla are my favourite.

Q. Ok, now we have seen all your movies. Tell me, in your real life, do you charm girls so easily, like you do in movies? Asked by: Raghav

A. You have to ask girls haha, I connect to women easily. I'm blessed. I think you have to be very sensitive towards women.

Q. Hi Ranveer, It's Yuvani and I just want you to know I am a massive fan of yours I am actually obsessed, literally I am crazy about you! I watched 'Lootera' last night and I couldn't help but cry over how amazing you were, it felt as if the movie was real and you just made it perfect, you make every movie you're in perfect! You're just amazing, I hope I one day get the chance to meet you cause there isn't a day where I don't see a picture/video of you, I hope you succeed enormously and good luck for everything, I love you so much and please try come to Sydney, I'm waiting! ahh I love you Ranveer, please reply <3 xoxo? Asked by: yuvaniimallaw

A. Thank you, everything I do, I do it for you. I'm very touched and humbled by your words. I'll come to Sydney soon. Hopefully, we will connect.

Q. You are simply awesome! you are the future. You'll rule the Bollywood. Best of luck! Asked by: Manmohan

A. Thank you so much, I'm grateful. I will do my best to validate what you said.

Q. Do you eye for awards or roles that connect to the audience? Asked by: Raghav

A. Roles can get you both things, but if I have to choose I will rather connect to the audience.

Q. How is it working with Deepika in 'Ram Leela'? Is it an intense love story? Asked by: Gayathri

A. Yes, it very very very intense love story. She is a wonderful person to work with, she is very generous as an actor.

First Published: July 10, 2013, 6:35 PM IST
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