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I would like to do all kinds of films but I am here to redefine things for myself: Irrfan Khan

Updated: March 8, 2013, 6:54 PM IST
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I would like to do all kinds of films but I am here to redefine things for myself: Irrfan Khan
Actor Irrfan Khan joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his new movie 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns'.

Actor Irrfan Khan joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his new movie 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns'.

Q. Do you ever see yourself playing an angry young man,a dreaded cop in khakhi or say a strong negative character? I would like you to take on our commercial "hero" brigade with a masala action movie like Dabangg. Are you open for such projects or feel they are already being done many times over n there is no novelty playing a Dabangg cop? Asked by: akshay sanadhya

A. I would like to do all kind of films but am here to redefine things for myself.

Q. Are there any upcoming projects in where you might team up with Anurag Kashyap? I am eagerly looking forward to that combination if it ever happens... Asked by: akshay sanadhya

A. I am eagerly waiting for this combination too my dear. Let future unfold.

Q. Dear Mr Khan, you ought to know that along with Mr Manoj Bajpayee, you are the best actor of this generation. Keep up the good work. Asked by: kamal agg

A. Thank you and a whole new brigade of actors to watch out for.

Q. Hi Irrfan, I am a big fan of yours. My question is to you is, do you think acting techniques like method acting or Michael Chekhov techniques helps or its just inborn talent which takes an actor forward and if you use any technique? Asked by: bhupinder singh

A. If you are a student of acting try out everything to find what works for you it's exactly like meditation technique you have to try out to find what works for you..I have my own.

Q. I have not seen the first movie..will I still be able to understand this part? Asked by: umair

A. Sure and to have more fun now you can watch the first part later..:))

Q. Among which of your movie is your best one? Asked by: uday shah

A. Its for you dear! I have given you variety of films.

Q. Appke awaz ka raaz kya hai sir.. Asked by: samir mumbai

A. Uper walen ka karam aapki mohabbat mere maa baap ki duyaen

Q. Hi Irrfan, you are a gem in Bollywood industry! When you realized your dream and thought of getting into the big screen? And when was the turning point in your carrier? Asked by: pulkit mehta

A. I realized it very early in my life when i was a extremely shy teenager saw some films sneaking and couldn't take it out of my mind... turning point was my admission in national school of drama.

Q. Hi sir, huge fan... Loved 'Paan Singh Tomar' and other roles. Keep doing the good work and hope to see you in more contemporary roles like that.are you working on any such project? Just anxious. Hope god gives you all the success. asked by: harsh sarawagi

A. Thanks dear, my forthcoming project which you might enjoy is 'D-day' and a beautiful film called 'lunch box'

Q. I don't have any question sir. Thought of saying one word... You are awesome natural actor. Asked by: kartik

A. You are beyond any answer, just many many love.

Q. Mr Khan, your eyes speaks more than you do. Asked by: anwer

A. God should get the credit not me.

Q. Sir, what your facebook, twitter, google account? asked by: shekar

A. Irrfan_k, my twitter handle.

Q. Who is your all time favorite actor? Mine is Naseeruddin Shah. Asked by: pulkit mehta

A. Marlon brando.

Q. Any plans to work in regional films down south? Asked by: venkatesh kamat

A. If I find it interesting.

Q. We got some fantastic and of the beat film from you and Tigmanshu..from 'Hasil' to 'Paan Singh Tomar'..what's more coming in future for us from Irrfan -tigmanshu franchise..any movie you both are working together on? Asked by: rakesh

A. I will do everything to bring this offbeat to mainstream..

Q. Hello sir, I am a huge fan of yours..really loved 'Paan Singh Tomar' looking forward for to 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns'...love your look in the trailers..hope to meet you some day..all the very best. Asked by: ravi srivastava

A. Thank you go watch it and let me know your verdict.

Q. Does poetry excite you? Asked by: yaseen anwer

A. Very much existential and romantic poetry.

Q. Wow, thrilled...Irrfan..I am one of the greatest fan of yours. You are treat to watch..be it any movie of yours.. You are awesome..but I am eagerly waiting to see you working with big b...when is this going to happen...and all the best..you are great. Asked by: adesh jain

A. Inshaallah someday!

Q. Can art bring changes in the society? Asked by: anwer

A. Yes for sure it sharpens your sensibility it sharpens your awareness it polishes your spirit it enhances your aesthetics ..

Q. Asslamu alykum sir, your attitude is very nice. I like you more, dear sir. asked by: $iraj ahmad ansari

A. Aapko bahut bahut pyaar aur duyaen.

Q. Who inspired in your life. Asked by: samir mumbai

A. Its not who its what its the mysterious existence.

Q. One best thing being an actor? Asked by: mayank jindal

A. I can make a space in your heart!

Q. How sensuous is mahi? Was it easy doing passionate n intimate scenes wit her? Asked by: shikar

A. In real life she is a simple and pure soul and she prefers to remain like that ..these scenes are never easy.

Q. Is it possible to get another Irrfan khan from the industry? Asked by: gaurav

A. Every actor and human being is unique no body can replace the uniqueness of anyone and yet no one is indespensable

Q. Sir, I was so pleased that you received film-fare for best actor. Your work needs to be recognised and I just hope next time I ask for tickets of a Irrfan Khan starrer on a weekday like 'Paan Singh Tomar' it should show housefull, love you loads sir. asked by: harsh sarawagi

A. Thank you from my heart and the best moment of my life was I myself couldn't get the ticket of 'Life of Pi' twice:))

Q. In aaan you acted awesome..!! Asked by: vinod valtheri

A. Shukriya.

Q. Do Rajeev Masand's reviews on your films matter to you? Asked by: nandan sharalaya

A. Reviews in general does matter unless they are not biased and sincere.

Q. In today's time lyricists have very important role to play in music composition, what is your view on it? And who is your favorite lyricist? Asked by: yaseen anwer

A. Lyricists played an important role always my favourite is Saahir Ludhiyanvi.

Q. What role can entertainment media play in spreading social awareness? Asked by: yaseen anwer

A. A very important role but it has to be laced with entertainment..

Q. I am your huge fan..don't think will able to meet you someday or it may be..but for the time being thrilled to post a question to you..how much time you put in preparing for you character before the shooting starts? Asked by: sumit

A. We will meet someday. Time varies for different preparation, sometimes it's days, sometimes months and sometimes no time at all.

Q. Dear sir, I am a huge fan of yours, like your dialogue delivery.. Is there any project coming up like 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns'. Asked by: prashanshu

A. 'D day'.

Q. Who is your favourite lyricists among current lot? Asked by: yaseen anwer

A. Irshaad kamil swanand kirkire prasoon joshi..gulzaar saab..javed akhtar

Q. Sir, Oscar milne se actor great ho jate hai. It means Indian movie awards have no value. Asked by: samir c

A. India have to create there own Oscars with credibility.

Q. There is a big difference between actor and superstar in Bollywood. Do u agree with this statement? Asked by: vivek

A. No, I don't I am here to bridge the gap.

Q. Hi Irrfan, you are amazing actor keep rocking, I'm going for 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns' but could you please suggest me one thing, why should I go for this movie in arre bhaiya style :) asked by: abhi

A. Arre bhai dekh lo picture maza hi degi:))

Q. Any role or movie of the last 2-3 years you wish you would have done? Asked by: tushar

A. Not really.

Q. Do you read critic review and accept remarks which can improve you as an actor? Asked by: ricky

A. Always.

Q. Irrfan we miss your Vodafone ad. asked by: uday shah

A. Me too.

Q. Any plans to do a chessy romatic film like 'Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main' aur 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'!? Asked by: nandan sharalaya

A. Yes, my kind of chessy and romantic film.

Q. What do you think about Manoj Bajpai? Asked by: sanjeev

A. He is very good we have known each other from many years

Q. Are you from Rajasthan. Do you speak marwari because you look in these movie similar so. Asked by: because hirason

A. Well I am not Marwari, I am from Rajasthan, can speak tuta phoota.

Q. Any plans to join politics someday? Asked by: nandan sharalaya

A. No.

Q. Maine suna app cricketer bannne wale the than how movie star? Asked by: samir mumbai

A. Bus kuch filmein ne dil choo liya aur mera dil badal diya.

Q.:( take care sir.. All the best for your movie.. Bye you are awesome. asked by: amit joshi

A. Take care, Amit

Q. I manage poetry organization called poets corner group which started off as students movement, will be sending you some of our anthologies soon. Asked by: yaseen anwer

A. Ok, thanks.

Q. Keep doing great work sir and hope 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns' would be another masterpiece (both your performance and Tigmanshu's effort) but was expecting an award for you, for your effort in 'Paan Singh Tomar' - great piece of work sir. Asked by: ashis panda

A. Thank you for the best wishes, abhi to bahut kuch kerna hai.

Q. Hello sir..I am your huge admirer. I didn't saw 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster'. But as you are in 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns' I will be watching the movie. Is there any link between the 2 movie. That if I have not seen the first one I will miss some plot in the second or is it a totally different story? Asked by: rohit

A. You must watch part two. It's stands on its own and makes you curious for the part one so go back and see the prequel.

Q. Just wanted to know if you would be in Delhi any time soon? Asked by: ravi srivastava

A. Not soon enough.

Q. Today is women's day, so I feel it's apt to ask you, weather entertainment media is also in some way responsible for the crime and particularly sexual crime in our society? Asked by: yaseen anwer

A. When crimes happen in any society, the entire society should take onus, entertainment is part of of it.

Q. From 'Salaam Bombay' to 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns', the film you enjoyed most shooting? Asked by: vivek

A. 'Paan Singh Tomar', 'Hasil', 'Metro', 'Maqbool', 'Warrior', 'Dil Kabaddi'... Many dear can't name one.

Q. All the best sir, you are a great actor and a hope of Bollywood shining. Asked by: vivek

A. Thank you...god bless.

Q. Sir, aapke to bahut fan hoge because app k naam mai hi fan word add hai. I am big fan of yours, Irrfan. Asked by: samir mumbai

A. True fan.

Q. Does the word copyright exist in Bollywood? Will anyone ever make original movies or keep doing copy paste job? A smart copy is not a masterpiece!!! Asked by: shikar

A. Aren't we making original films now?

Q. 100 of Indian cinema, over 50,000 films and more than 3,00,000 songs, your favorite song? Asked by: yaseen anwer

A. Chalo dildaar chalo chand ke paar ke chalo ...

Q. 'Paan Singh Tomar', I am big fan of this movie. You did a fantastic job I have said that you don't know Marwari, so you did lots of hardwork to learn this language which you have used in 'Paan Singh Tomar'.Asked by: prateek jain

A. Yes little bit.

Q. Hi Irrfan, assalam, what is your favorite place for picnic? Asked by: sadiq

A. In a picnic, companion is more important than venue.

Q. Irrfan you are too good as an actor. I am sure everyone has told you about your voice and eyes. Just keep up the awesome work.. Finally we have some actor from the industry to boast of!!! Asked by: onika

A. I am humbled.

Q. Its great to see your creative sojourn and this year has been indeed brilliant, life of pi being the recent addition. How does the transition feel and why are you off facebook? Wishing you success. Asked by: samthrupti

A. I am on twitter irrfan _k.

Q. Its my sincere request to you, that please don't try to enter any 100 crore club because your films are such a delight to watch and it doesn't matter how much your films earn. Just keep up the good work and my best wishes to you, Irrfan. Asked by: rakesh

A. God bless youu and tahnk you from my heart you are the kind of audiance who bring the change

Q. After working in Hollywood, have you noticed any significant change in the style with which both industries work (hoping for a non politically correct answer). asked by: umair

A. There is a lot of difference can't be said in couple of lines. It's a discussion dear.

Q. Wonderful answers Irrfan you are just fab. Your acting style way of dialogue delivery everything a treat to watch and meet. Best of luck to you for lots of awards and Oscar, just do remember me as well :) tc. asked by: abhi

A. You too:))

Q. How much rating you will give to your latest project 'Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns'? Asked by: tirupam

A. 4 stars.

Q. I asked you 3 questions and you chose not to answer the one which I was most eagerly waiting for :) Will I ever get an opportunity to meet you in real life? Asked by: akshay sanadhya

A. Insha allah.

Q. Mr Irrfan, how do you feel about 'Paan Singh Tomar' being sidelined for National award but a substandard movie like 'Dirty Picture' won it. Don't u think there was politics at play. I personally felt cheated and agitated but trust me yours was an awesome movie. What else in store with Tigmanshu & you? Asked by: amit joshi

A. We are running for this year, 'Dirty picture' was last year sir. Keep your best wishes alive.

Q. Most Challenging role of your career? Asked by: Deep Chakraborty

A. 'Life of Pi'

Q. Hi Irrfan. big fan of yours, how is your character different from that of Randeep Hooda? Asked by: Pooja Chauhan

A. Very different, you will find out when you see it.

Q. Are you planning anything to get an Oscar? Asked by: naveen

A. I don't plan, I act.

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