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India isn't keen to go the UN way for fear of 'internationalising' the issue: Suhasini Haidar

Updated: January 16, 2013, 4:32 PM IST
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India isn't keen to go the UN way for fear of 'internationalising' the issue: Suhasini Haidar
Suhasini Haidar analyses the possible impact of the incidents along the LoC on Indo-Pak ties.

To what extent are the incidents of ceasefire violation and soldiers' deaths along the LoC likely to affect Indo-Pak ties? CNN-IBN's Senior Editor Suhasini Haidar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Does it really effect the political class and a selfish society " beheading of our soldier"? Asked by: vinny

A. Vinny, its a valid question- but particularly if you realise that beheading seems to be known to happen quite a few times in the past. The question, why has it not been taken up in the past.

Q. Pakistan has continued it's denial on the LoC incident. Such blatant lies of government and Armies across the globe go uncensored at the UN. Why? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Well, India isn't very keen to go the UN either for fear of 'internationalising' the issue.

Q. Why cannot we have electronic surveillance or maybe satellite which can capture both evidence as well as reduce cost and risk ? Asked by: Roadhound

A. Good point! Very few hostile borders around the world are so poorly monitored.

Q. No winners in a war. This must be remembered by the ruling and opposition leaders while making wild comments/demands/promises? Asked by: Prathap

A. Yes...its much easier talking about war than going through with it.

Q. What options does India have? Should India be emotional about this or should India take the support of the International Community and friendly nations in this issue Asked by: Narayan

A. India has a few options- it could call for a halt to other relations until its concerns on the brutal killings are addressed. It could provide evidence of the killings at an international level and complain. It could also try and give bilateral dialogue another chance, although given the political crisis in Pakistan, tough to imagine what a government there could achieve.

Q. Why is Pakistan insisting on UN and third party intervention does it feel by that it will dilute India's position and will enable big powers to be on its side. Asked by: Ravi

A. Red herring offer from Pakistan- they are quite sure India doesn't want to make the UN mistake of "internationalising" the conflict.

Q. Does this have any relation to the Anti-govt protests in Pak? Asked by: Narayan

A. Well those protests are another reason the Pakistan government is in a tough position to respond at this time.

Q. Is the refusal to entertain and cancel shows of Pakistan and their sportspersons like hockey players will do much in moderating views of Pakistan army and politicians at border Asked by: Manush

A. Well the officials have already sent home their hockey players....not sure how it changes the situation, but it makes the point that the government wants to send a strong msg.

Q. Has the present violence along the border got anything to do with coming up elections in Pakistan as army is trying to prove its superiority over govt Asked by: Manav

A. Many theories on that! The question remains, was the horrific beheadings part of a larger conspiracy, or as some reports indicate, a local rivalry between regiments that spun out of control.

Q. You have been in Lahore during last week covering ground situation what has been the mood of general public over there to present tensions Asked by: Hitesh

A. Personal, anecdotal impressions that everyone I met in Lahore and Islamabad was very keen on better ties (esp trade ties) with India. However, the tensions weren't at the top of the news there, more worried about the Qadri rally, and elections ahead.

Q. Do you agree that things have been grossly mismanaged from the Indian side.Like when its time for diplomacy, we resort to action. And when its time for action, we hide behind diplomacy. Asked by: roadhound

A. Absolutely. It's confusing to say the least.

First Published: January 16, 2013, 4:32 PM IST
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