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'Inkaar' is an urban fable on relationships, using sexual harassment case as a trigger: Sudhir Mishra


Updated: January 18, 2013, 3:21 PM IST
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'Inkaar' is an urban fable on relationships, using sexual harassment case as a trigger: Sudhir Mishra
Director Sudhir Mishra joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his movie 'Inkaar'.

Director Sudhir Mishra joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his movie 'Inkaar'.

Q. What prompted you to do this movie? Asked by: Shaym Vadalker

A. In a urban workspace today, men are confronting women who are demanding their rightful place. Women are questioning their independent & asserting their right to say no. Men are slowly losing their power & since they are taught that life is all about power, they are not comfortable with this shift and often react in brutal ways. One of the ways is sexual harassment. Women are also prey to lures of power and ambitions and often they will use the same manipulative methods. They are also subject to allegations that they have reached their positions by manipulating men. There are different sets of rules by which men & women are judged, this is I think is a very fertile ground to make a film about relationships in our modern urban world. So I set out to make an urban fable on relationships, using sexual harassment case as a trigger for this story.

Q. What is more painful, acting or direction? Asked by: Rahul Sharma

A. Well, I love direction & I'm not very fond of acting but direction per se is far more strenuous & demanding but also much more satisfying.

Q. It's been a long journey from 'Jaane Do' to 'Inkaar'. How would you define this journey? Asked by: Akhtar Saeed

A. It had its ups & downs but so far I managed to stay independent & quite enjoyed the ride. So it's been satisfying & its not over yet. Expect another 10 films.

Q. You have always showcased strong female characters contrary to popular Bollywood beliefs. Any reason behind it? Asked by: Nadim Rizvi

A. Well, I have not met any weak female characters in my life. Also I think it's very interesting to see the story from a woman's eyes. They are just like us but have far more emotional depth & admit to being wrong far more easier. Besides this I think the trick to understand women is to know that they are as capable of betrayal as men are.

Q. Do you think 'Inkaar' can change the existing notions about sexual harassment at the work place? Asked by: Ajay Mishra

A. I don't know if it can change but I hope it provokes a debate & we discuss a subject which we have constantly pushed under the carpet.

Q. How would you express the term sensuality in terms of your films? Asked by: Ajay Mishra

A. Well, I think all my characters thirst for it. The world without it is a meaningless place.

Q. Sir how do you find/discover certain character in certain existing entity. do you try do certain changes in to that entity or manage changes in the character Asked by: Subodh Deshpande

A. All stories like the Persian say is a combination of what you have seen & what has happen . So you pull up characters from real life and put some of yourself into it.

Q. Why do you prefer Chitrangada Singh in your movies? Asked by: sanjay

A. Some of the women characters I wrote she suits. I like to repeat people I work with like my music director, lyricist & my camera man.

Q. I am just out of the movie Inkaar. Truely a brilliant effort! How tough was it to come up with such a bold subject and making this movie? Asked by: Bhavesh Goyal

A. You know some of us our born to get into trouble, this is our nature, our DNA. So every filmmaker has to do what comes naturally to him. So I'm a political kind of person & also a great admirer of Ghalib. I have grown up in a University campus & I'm just doing what my instinct tells me to do & I like to connect to people like you & affect them a bit & provoke them a bit. Basically, entertain you & to tell you my view of our world.

Q. How do u rank this movie vis-a-vis your other movies? Asked by: Shaym Vadalker

A. I'm too close to it to rank it at this moment.

Q. Sir, if someone novice asks you what director is in this industry then how you will describe Asked by: Subodh Deshpande

A. He is simultaneously the captain & the slave in the ship.

Q. Sir I am coming to the characters now, Arjun Rampal is known, Chitrangada is that way new so this was the demand of the story or you thought their characteristics will play the good chemisty Asked by: Subodh Deshpande

A. I thought they both were perfect for the part. I never think about the status.

Q. I have seen all your movies & Hazaro Khwayise Aisi is one my favourite..... my question is that why you cast Chitrangda Singh in most of your movies sir? Asked by: Prashant NIT Jamshedpur

A. Hehe...question is have I ever cast her wrong? Let the reason be a mystery.

Q. I am sure, you cannot think of a movie without Chitrangada. But if not for her, whom would u take in this movie? Also, did you feel, that she is just to good to do Item Numbers ins stupid films? Asked by: Shreyansh

A. Whether she does item numbers or not is upto her. I really don't know who I would have cast as their are many actress who are very good like Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra. But I thought Chitrangada was perfect for the part.

Q. Hello, This is Rohan, My question is in what way can a director depict sensuality in a positive way, rather than in a bad way? Asked by: Rohan Shankar

A. Sensuality is always positive but if you are talking of titillation then yueristic objectification of women often descends into pornography or obscenity.

First Published: January 18, 2013, 3:21 PM IST
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