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'Iron Man 3' Tweet Review: Tony Stark shines yet again

Rohit Vats | http://nawabjha

Updated: April 26, 2013, 12:46 PM IST
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'Iron Man 3' Tweet Review: Tony Stark shines yet again
Once again, Tony Stark is at the helm of affairs where he needs to play a vital role in order to save the world.

New Delhi: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is a billionaire who doesn't have to deal with just one problem. He has several things to take care of and alcoholism and cynicism are just two of them. His girlfriend and the CEO of Stark Industries, Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) is quite upset with the latest developments in the life of Stark but things seem to be going out of everyone's hand after the arrival of Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) on the scene.

Once again, Tony Stark is at the helm of affairs where he needs to play a vital role in the proceedings in order to save the world from a potential threat.

The third installment of 'Iron Man' has been directed by Shane Black, who has earlier directed Robert Downey Jr in 2005 film 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', so both know about each other's functioning style.

Guy Pearce and Don Cheadle will also be seen in important roles. After the mega success of 'The Avengers', the makers of 'Iron Man 3' would be feeling some pressure to live up to the expectations.

Rohit Vats of IBNLive was inside the theatre to live tweet the experience of 'Iron Man 3'.

12:45 PM: The third installment of #IronMan is here. What are your expectations from the film? #IronMan3

12:47 PM: Directed by Shane Black, #IronMan3 stars Robert Downey Jr and Gwyenth Paltrow in the lead roles.

12:50 PM: #IronMan3 also features Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle and Ben Kingsley in important roles.

12:54 PM: Arrogance is his second name. Tony Stark is back on the screens. #IronMan3

12:58 PM: Robert Downey Jr has brought new nuances to Tony Stark's character. This time he is up against a fantastic villain. #IronMan3

1:05 PM: Guy Pearce looks very different in #IronMan3. He has acquired an entirely new mannerism in this film.

1:08 PM:
Hollywood writers always try to attach strong motives to their villains. #IronMan3 also has a motivated baddie.

1:14 PM: Tony Stark is not the same person anymore. His experiences are shaping his life. #IronMan3

1:19 PM: Shane Black has chosen a serious theme for #IronMan3. Ben Kingsley is taking the film to a new level.

1:26 PM: Grandeur is the essential part of Tony Stark's life. #IronMan3 has a bigger canvas.

1:33 PM: Only Tony Stark can be so sarcastic in life threatening situations. #IronMan3

1:39 PM: Robert Downey Jr needs to prove his calibre against some good actors in #IronMan3.

1:48 PM: #IronMan3 deals with sensitive issues but will it be able to maintain the momentum till the end?

1:55 PM: Every superhero is becoming more human now. #IronMan3 is taking the trend forward.

1:57 PM: Glory and sacrifice go hand in hand. The more you sacrifice the more you get in return. #IronMan3

1:59 PM: Going by the Hollywood films, American presidents are the most vulnerable people on the earth. #IronMan3

2:02 PM: You can break the president's security wall, you can destroy the whole America but you can never be successful as a baddie. #IronMan3

2:06 PM: Has Tony lost the battle even before it srarted propely? #IronMan3

2:12 PM: This is what a powerful actor does to a film. He raises the level of everyone's acting. #IronMan3 #BenKingsley

2:15 PM: Desperation is the ultimate gift a superhero gives to the world. Do you agree? #IronMan3

2:18 PM: Who is Tony Stark? A visionary or a maniac? #IronMan3

2:22 PM: Will the director be able to bring #IronMan3 to a logical end after such a good build up?

2:25 PM: Slowly and steadily Don Cheadle has evolved as a brilliant actor. #IronMan3 is another proof.

2:31 PM: #IronMan3 is loosing its grip on the basic theme. It was not only about action scenes.

2:35 PM: It's difficult to belive American president's innocence about international politics. #IronMan3

2:39 PM: #IronMan3 is heading towards its climax. The ultimate battle is about to begin.

2:42 PM: Oh, this is quite a spectacle. The climax of #IronMan3 is worth warching.

2:47 PM: The climax has the required punch. It's full of surprises. #IronMan3

2:52 PM: #IronMan3 ends at a philosophical note.

3:05 PM: Acting wise Robert Downey Jr and Ben Kingsley have done a good job. Guy Pearce is the surprise package of #IronMan3.

3:06 PM: #IronMan3 is thrilling but it leaves the initial theme towards the end.

3:08 PM: Grandeur is the highlight of #IronMan3 but it has an average and predictable storyline.

3:10 PM: Shane Black has brought new things to the franchise but overall it remains an extention of the old story. #IronMan3

3:11 PM: You can watch the film for a menacing villain and Tony Stark's undying sarcasm. #IronMan3

3:12 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of #IronMan3. Have a good day.

First Published: April 26, 2013, 12:46 PM IST
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