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It is the mindset towards women which has to be fought: Ashutosh

Updated: January 10, 2013, 6:10 PM IST
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It is the mindset towards women which has to be fought: Ashutosh
Why politicians make anti-women statements.

Why politicians make anti-women statements. IBN7's managing editor Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Do you think it's time that our netas are handed out a mandate over how they give out their opinions? Also, should all of them be allowed to speak on any and every issue? Politicians only make matter worse once their mouths open.. Asked by: Ekta

A. There is free speech.

Q. I have a feeling that Abu Azmi's comments yesterday were more of a publicity stunt. Its not likely that he dint know that there would be a backlash, but he still chose to say something that isn't very much in keeping with the nations sentiments. The little that I know about politicians, they usually try to say public pleasing words, but this guy did the extreme opposite...not very politician like. What do you think? Asked by: vidhya

A. What ever you call, it was bad in taste.

Q. On Suhani Dattani's query you might say that such people have such stupid ideas but I'd say that if at least 400 mn people have a particular view, there must be something to it. After all, our elders have more experience than us and we may have contrasting views. Would you like to comment on this? Asked by: gaurav

A. Every view and idea has a certain self life and after a point of time it gets outdated and each generation has to change with the changing times. Experience is important but to refuse to acknowledge new realities is also not good.

Q. In the land of Sita and Draupadi, will woman ever get justice? What is your view. Asked by: rs

A. Yes otherwise she will become Kali.

Q. You might say that marriage is not a commercial contract but at least in my city Roorkee and Saharanpur I have seen lots of women after their marriage saying that their husbands should live separately from his family and they are pressurizing their in-laws to make separate homes for them otherwise they will not live with their husband. I think you can understand the plight of parents who want to spend time with their children, grandchildren, etc. And I see this trend continuing! Newly wed women are even living in rented houses but not their in-laws and demand money. It will be interesting to see your reply Ashutosh! Asked by: gaurav

A. I will again say this is new to society and this assertiveness is also new and families and parents should understand and has to be understanding. Some time parents don't want to understand that their sons and daughters have grown up and need their own space. It's not one way, its both ways.

Q. Ladies for politician is just like toy..their mindset is totally wrong..if any politician know the value of family and role of ladies, he will not make this type statement? Indian politician are totally same on this excellent democracy..only god can save this country. Asked by: DHARMESH MEENA

A. Not god will save this country but people will save this country .

Q. We all know how insensitive those statements were made from people on whom we are dependent that they ll take the country forward. Don't you think there is one common factor that all those netas are actually ill literate and narrow minded people in real sense (as per there education). Shouldn't there be a law that only people from educated background be allowed to become an MLA or MP. Big point for discussion. Asked by: Gaurav

A. Problem is with the old mind set. That needs to be changed.

Q. Is it not high time they just report the fact and let the people frame the opinion on that. Instead the media is thrusting their own opinion as facts. So many women related crime is taking place but instead of portraying the accused in bad lights in Delhi incident, the victim has been branded ( as if she is the only victim of this crime in India) . Are you trying to project only certain type of women needs this kind of motivated coverage and while other women doesn't deserve? Or Is it because of the opportunity to pressurize the government against the formulation of Broadcast regulatory board as suggested by Justice Katju. Asked by: Asha

A. I don't understand what do you mean by a certain type of woman? A Woman is woman and all woman should be treated in the same way. Some times a few issues become a symbol of that issue at large and why it happens I have no simple answer and probably it needs some deeper sociological understanding.

Q. Maybe it was not picked up for TRP, but it was a not a correct representation of the speech. At best it was lazy journalism. A simple look at the video makes that very clear that the news was distorted and no where was there any support for marriage being a contract. Inspite of this there was no official retraction by channels other than a few retractions on twitter. Asked by: pawan

A. You might be right. But it has to be understood in the context of his statement that rape only happens in India not in Bharat.

Q. Preeti, politicians/spiritual leaders through their views achieved their target-reach to that votebank. So why should they apologise? We know the mindset of people/police/politicians in UP, Haryana and in many other states! Would you like to respond to that Ashutosh? Asked by: gaurav

A. Yes it is the mind set which has to be fought.

Q. The politicians are probably themselves out of touch with real people. I wonder are they even in touch with their own families? Asked by: sb us

A. Politicians are the one who are mostly in touch with the people most of the time. But some times it is difficult to comprehend with the changes which happening in the society. Because that requires mettle of real politicians.

Q. I always feel politicians make such statement to connect to a certain mindset of people,which somewhere i feel forms majority of the vote bank.They don't come out openly to speak about there opinion but in the hearts they feel they are saying right.What i feel is changing that mentality is more important and once things wont be about votes,politicians will surely never utter such comments. what do you think? Asked by: HS

A. I agree with you friend.

Q. On Pawan's query, I'll say that the comment may not have been picked for TRPs but there is no doubt that nowadays marriages are increasingly becoming commercial contracts and I share this view. Your views please! Asked by: gaurav

A. I don't think marriage is a commercial contract in any society. Marriage in earlier days was an union of unequals in which women had no say and no share. She was there just to produce kids and sexual gratification of men, husbands were the masters of such unions. but with the democratization of ideas and cultural renaissance marriage is also becoming an union of equals. But male finds it very difficult to cope with this new changes and loss of power in a relationship . which results in violence and divorce. and which is understood by few as breaking down of marriage as an institution . Sorry i think it symbolizes female assertion as she no longer wants to suffer the whims and fancies of the dominant males.

Q. The main question is why they make these statements? Is it based on political calculation that the majority still subscribes to patriarchy? And isn't it that calculation sad but true Asked by: Suhani Dattani

A. It is both. Partly they believe in what they utter and partly they say so because a section of the society also believe in such stupid ideas.

Q. Mostly Indian politician are committed in crimes,not educated, don't have sense of humour, don't know how to communicate with people, they are winning election by money and sit in parliament, their daughter or wife never faced any assault due to high security? How they will understand rape victim's condition? they make such statement only to be in news. they forget they responsibity? what's your view? Asked by: DHARMESH MEENA

A. If they will not understand, people will push them out of the system.

Q. I'd like to add on Dipesh's comment-at the time of elections, these are not the real issues. All parties are more/less the same. Also for politicians, politics is above anything else, even national interests. Your take-Ashutosh! Asked by: gaurav

A. If I could understand your question then I agree with you that most of the time elections are fought on non issues but time is changing and there are lot many things happening. With rising literacy and general awareness due to open media very soon politics will revolve around real issues. As you would have noticed politics has started focusing on development but still long way to go.

Q. I saw Mohan Bhagwat's video. He was opposing and lamenting the fact that marriage has become a commercial contract and not saying that it should be that way, Why does the media have to take things out of context just for TRP. This hurts the credibility of the media in long run. Asked by: pawan

A. Are you sure it was picked up only for TRP?

Q. Do you think considering women as a separate vote-bank, our politicians will then have sense to address the issues our women are facing. Narendra Modi tried to do that in Gujarat. Your thoughts sir.. Asked by: Akshay

A. Don't get confused. Ills of our political system lies in the vote bank politics. Since society is not as mature as it should be so there is always space for retrogressive idea and foul play . Its women as such who has to come up and assert and fight for their legitimate share in power structure only then their issues will be addressed positively. As you saw in rape case. Women asserted aggressively and protested loudly then voice was heard and system did respond. That kind of assertiveness is needed on behalf of the women to wake politicians from slumber.

Q. Though politicians across the board are making anti-women statements,but the congress people are at least apologising(though not sufficient) but why the rightist people like Modi, Asaram, Vijayvargiya, Mohan Bhagwat are not apologising also? Asked by: Preeti

A. Ask them...It's wrong conviction of wrong ideology and sense of false sense of righteousness.

Q. I think the netas want to flush out the rape cases from the news media and weaken the protests. But this will back-fire on them during next elections. Your thoughts, sir? Asked by: Dipesh Mumbai

A. I replied earlier.

Q. Is it not true that by and large to be a politician in India you need to be a macho, male chauvinist besides of course being brazen, thick skinned and uncouth? So obviously the truth will out - isn't it?? Why are we surprised by this is my question? Asked by: c4conscience

A. You are partly right but that picture is slowly fading and new kind of leadership will emerge as society is changing and a proof is people on the roads and at India Gate without any political leader.

Q. It is sad state of affairs that people in responsible positions utter foolish words. But I am convinced of the fact that journalism today strives on controversies. Instead of reporting a solution to this gender war, reporters take the middle ground saying that they are just the messengers, and report inconsequential news. What is the influence of Mr Asaram Bapu or Mr Mohan Bhagwat on the national development index? Ignore these senile leaders and report what is necessary.. Why fuel this gender war unnecessarily? Not all men think like the aforementioned leaders. Please do not forget that.. Asked by: Karthik

A. You are wrong my dear. Journalism is all about reporting and analysing and putting correct picture, its up to institutions and state and society to reflect on that and take it forward and take corrective measures.

Q. I think the netas want to flush out the rape cases from the news media. But this will back-fire on them during next elections. Asked by: Dipesh Mumbai

A. An issue is never dead, it keeps coming back to haunt.

Q. Some of these comments from elected leaders and self styled leaders in India (and of course, Bharat if you want a divide!), is so ill informed and pathetic. There just is NO POINT in joining an argument / discussion on such comments, which should be trashed into the first recycle bin available. One wonders about their credentials as leaders of any outfit. Do you agree? Asked by: kelly

A. Democracy is a celebration of ideas and there will always be conflicting ideas. You just cant reject an idea, an idea has to be contested and challenged if it is regressive and it has to be defeated in the eyes of people. Unless such leaders and ideas are shown in a bad light people will keep associating with such things so to say that don't join in argument is not a solution.

First Published: January 10, 2013, 6:10 PM IST
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