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It's our historical duty to make Dalits equal partners in India: Ashutosh


Updated: December 17, 2012, 5:36 PM IST
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It's our historical duty to make Dalits equal partners in India: Ashutosh
IBN7's managing editor Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the Quota Bill on promotions.

IBN7's managing editor Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on Quota Bill on promotions.

Q. Dear Ashutosh, Why is the opposition to this only the SP and no other party. What is the reason for BJP to support this? Are they seeing this help them in 2014? Asked by: Narayan

A. Of course, vote bank politics ...

Q. When the number of persons to be benefited by this Bill will not be very large in relation to over all salaried employees, the public has not expressed any positions on this. Your views on this ? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Dalits have been sufferers for centuries and its our historical duty to make them feel that they are partner in democracy. So what is important is not the numbers but their sense of equality and justice.

Q. What is the political calculation of SP in opposing this facility tooth & nail? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Traditionally upper caste have been voting for either to BJP or Congress except 2007 elections when they voted to BSP. Mulayam knows that if he could get upper caste and then it will bring them substantial seats in Lok Sabha . Muslims and backwards are already with him and if upper caste also joins him then it will be deadly combination and there will be major gain to him and may fulfill his ambitions of getting 40 plus seats and then he will play major role in 2014 parliamentary elections.

Q. A masterstroke for Mayawati. Will this reflect a shift from her position of carrying along forwards with her,which she did in the previous election getting her good results. Will an exclusive SC/ST vote bank give her a chance to come back to power? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. If upper caste moves to Mulayam en block then it will be problem for Mayavati as caste equation will be against her.

Q. With all supporting the SP opposition of the bill makes no meaning. Is it really such an unanimity of thought or political compulsions which has made this support possible ?? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Its all politics .

Q. That discrimination existed is a fact, and that discrimination exist is also a fact...but how reservation in jobs can address this is not understandable. The way society existed thousand of years ago is not the way as it is today. Earlier even the opportunities to get educated were confined to very few, today it is not same..what is similar today and then, is there was dirty politics then and there is more dirty politics today. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. Yes, I agree its all politics but lets not forget that politics also has some hard realities and reality is that dalits are in substantial number and no party can ignore them . There is historical guilt also which needs to be eradicated. Truth is that Dalits don't get their share in proportion to their numbers and socially they are still struggling for respect and social acceptance which is a blot on a civilised society like ours. Reservation gives Dalits some sense of empowerment and a share in a system of administration which has in built discrimination against them.

Q. SP wanted 18% reservations for Muslims, now it's opposing reservations in promotions, can Hindu upper castes trust SP? Asked by: Nidhi bahuguna

A. Its not a question of trust its a power struggle between castes and if upper caste thinks that by having an strategic alliance with Muslims and OBC then can counter Dalits, then they will go that way.

Q. Congress and BSP are doing for their vote bank but BJP has upper cast as their vote bank. Is it a good decision of BJP to favor this bill? Asked by: Sandeep Singh Shekhawat

A. BJP is a national party and they also have to look for Dalit votes outside UP, so they might loose in UP but may gain in other states where they are strong.

Q. Isn't this anti-constitution? Anyway, it will be a minuscule %,hopefully gen category will not be effected. I think making reservations in govt jobs for only one generation will allow more Dalits to get benefits. Asked by: Nidhi bahuguna

A. Its not anti-constitution, and why are people worried, now jobs have moved from govt to private sectors and there is no reservation there.

Q. When will reservations end? There was a limit imposed on it earlier? Why perpetuate caste divide, caste based incentives, and kill merit? How can we be a secular nation with caste divide? Asked by: Gururaj S.

A. As long as there is vote bank politics and caste based discrimination in society this will continue.

Q. SP is voting against. The bill because it actually makes no difference Asked by: Nidhi bahuguna

A. There are voting for political benefits.

Q. What is Quota Bill? Asked by: nikhar saraswat

A. Providing reservation to dalits in promotions in govt jobs .

Q. With the demand of Muslims (asked by SP and most probably will be granted too) being part of this amendment, how do you see the socio-politic equation changing across the country. Asked by: tens

A. It will slowly lead to a more equatable society.

Q. Why can not we have affirmative actions rather than having caste based quota system. Caste based quota system has initiated power struggle between various communities. Your views please. Asked by: Anand

A. Its a kind of affirmative action within our democratic system and our constitutional framework.

Q. Thanks for clarifying,now as a gen category, I'm not worried or quota bill any more. Asked by: Nidhi bahuguna

A. Great.

Q. Do you think Rahul Gandhi will step aside and make an SC/ST PM candidate in 2014? Asked by: cheena

A. Politics is an art of impossible, who knows what is in store in 2014.

Q. What are your personal views on quota bill? Will it affect youths? Asked by: nikhar saraswat

A. I am in favour of reservation and youth should be more worried about their skill development and venturing into new ground breaking jobs.

Q. Would it create danger gap employees in the office? Can it affect department decision for new government policies implantation when officer will be less experience comparison another employee in particular field? Asked by: Sandeep Singh Shekhawat

A. For some time may be in the long run there will not be any enmity, urbanisation, modernisation and industrialisation will create a more equal society.

Q. Has caste based quota in present form served its purpose? And what's about millions of poor belonging to so called upper castes? Where should these people go? Will some one make some policy for these people as well? Asked by: Anand

A. Poors need special protections that I agree but they don't suffer the same social stigma as Dalits had been suffering for centuries.

First Published: December 17, 2012, 5:36 PM IST
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