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'Jolly LLB': 15 witty punch lines that will make you smile

Updated: March 15, 2013, 5:14 PM IST
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'Jolly LLB': 15 witty punch lines that will make you smile
A social satire- the film has some hilarious one liners courtesy the director himself which makes you smile.

New Delhi: Arshad Warsi's 'Jolly LLB' is a relevant film for present times. The film which talks about the flawed judiciary that exists in the country and how witness protection can change the course of a case, makes the viewer think.

Being a former journalist and interacting with lawyers from close quarters probably helped director Subhash Kapoor give the film a realistic approach. A social satire- the film has some hilarious one liners courtesy the director himself which makes you smile and think.

Here are our top 15 favourite lines from 'Jolly LLB':

A dejected Arshad Warsi tells his girlfriend, a very stern looking Amrita Rao: Aaj tak toh kiss karne bhi nahi diya tune.(You haven't even let me kiss you) Rao replies: Karne dungi bhi nahi, baap ka maal hai? (Won't even let you, your father doesn't own me)

Jolly waiting outside the district court asks a passerby: Bail wail karwani hai kya apko? (Do you want to get a bail) Passerby: Bhai court marriage karne aaya hoon (Brother, have come to get married in the court)

Lawyer: Affidavit ka spelling batana. (What's the spelling of 'Affidavit'?) Jolly: 'E' se shuru hota hai na? (Doesn't it start with an 'E'?)

Lawyer to Jolly: Recession ka zamana hai, typewriter bhi chori ho rahe. Sambhaal ke tala laga. (It's recession time. Even typewriters get stolen. Be careful)

Rajpal (Boman Irani ) while arguing in the court. Yeh court hai Mr Tyagi, yahan kuch jaldi nahi hota (This is a court, Mr Tyagi, nothing happens quickly here)

News reporter reporting the hit and run case: Gareeb ki jaan ameer ki gaadi se sasti hoti hai (A poor man's life is cheaper than a rich man's car)

Jolly, while threatening his rival Rajpal: Meerut ka hoon, apne aukaad pe aa jaun toh g***d ka gurgaon bana dunga (Oh well...we don't need to translate this one)

Fellow lawyer: Think practical yaar! Jolly: Practical gayi gadhe ke pichhwade mein (Let's not be practical here)

Police constable to the inspector: Kya aapko pata hai ki we are proud of you? (Do you know that we are proud you?) Police: Nahi Constable: Lo karlo baat, hum inka proud liye ghum rahe hai aur inko pata hi nahi! (We doesn't even know that we are proud of him)

Rajpal in court: Aajkal ke ladke hindi films dekh dekh ke waqalat karne aa jaate hai (This new generation just watch films and take up law as their profession)

Jolly to Rajpal: Kaan ke neeche dunga na aisa, agli saath pushte behri paida hongi (A tight slap and your future generation will be born deaf)

Justice Sharma (Saurabh Shukla) to Jolly: Kanoon andha hota hai, judge nahi. Usse sab dikhta hai. (Law can be blind, Judge isn't. He can see everything)

Justice Sharma to a witness: Court mein jhooth bolta hai, chal mugra bann abhi!

Rajpal while concluding the case: Agar aap footpaath pe soyenge, toh marne ka risk toh rahega hi. That's the harsh reality. (If you sleep on the footpath, there is always a high risk of getting killed) Jolly: Maanta hoon footpath pe sone ka haq nahi hai , par footpath gadi bhi chalane ke liye nahi hoti. (Agree one shouldn't sleep on the footpath, but the footpath is not for driving your car, either)

Justice Sharma to Jolly: 'Prosecution' ko 'Prostitution' likh rakha hai aapne, 'Appeal' ko 'Apple'!(You have spelt 'Prosecution' as 'Prostitution' and 'Appeal' as 'Apple')

First Published: March 15, 2013, 5:14 PM IST
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