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''Kai Po Che' is for the people who are hurt and need healing'

Charu Thakur |

Updated: March 13, 2013, 1:47 PM IST
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''Kai Po Che' is for the people who are hurt and need healing'
The director states that his film 'Kai Po Che' is about friendship and not about Godhra riots.

New Delhi: Abhishek Kapoor's film 'Rock On' went onto win the National Award but that did not deter the director from experimenting with a new star cast in his next film 'Kai Po Che'. After the success of 'Rock On', Abhishek says that he wanted to go with the norm of the industry and work with a big star but the story of 'Kai Po Che' did not demand big names.

"Initially, I did toy with the idea of working with the stars but I realised very early that 'Kai Po Che' is about three friends. If I take one star, he would be more concerned about the other star's part and there would be an imbalance in the friendship. Also, after the success of 'Rock On', I thought I should have the privilege of making my film. If I had to make a really good film and still follow the whole set of norms like everyone has to do, then the entire effort would be worthless. So I thought that I would rather give my idea a shot and make 'Kai Po Che' with new stars."

Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh and Rajkumar Yadav are relatively new names in Bollywood but Abhishek Kapoor did not hesitate to take the risk of working with the new comers as he believes that there is no dearth of talent and it's important to provide a platform to fresh talent. "There is lot of risk in taking newcomers but I am doing it for myself. By taking a newcomer, I am not doing anyone a favour. They are all good actors. On the sets, when they are new they give you their hundred percent. Their mind and focus is on the job, that's the best part about people who are relatively new. Though, being a good actor is a pre-requisite."

'Kai Po Che' was screened at the Berlin film festival where the film received a standing ovation last year and with its release in India, the film also minted good moolah at the box office. However, the film was also criticised for propagating Modi government. Based on the lives of three friends who live in Ahmedabad, 'Kai Po Che' touches upon the Godhra riots and shows it only at the surface level. But Abhishek clarifies that his film is not about Godhara riots and just about friendship. "'Kai Po Che' is about friends, about coming of age and about healing. That's the intention with which the film was made. If people are seeing anything more in it then all I can say it that they have a vivid imagination."

Abhishek later adds that his intention was not to make a film on riots and that is the reason he hasn't delved deep into the subject. "The film is not about Godhara riots. This is a story about friendship and it touches upon the factual events from the outside. To expect to go into it, people are asking me to harm my film. Every time the issue comes up there is a debate and now they want me to go out and start a debate but I am not interested. The film is about friends and their relationship. It is a very sensitive and innocent story and the moment I delve deep into issue, I rip the innocence of my story and I didn't want to do that. There is message at the end of it about healing. I am not talking about justice but my film is for the people who are hurt and need healing."

First Published: March 13, 2013, 1:47 PM IST
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