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Kannada Review: 'Challenge' is a gripping tale

Updated: August 17, 2012, 6:30 PM IST
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Kannada Review: 'Challenge' is a gripping tale
Achyuth Kumar performance in the film is outstanding. He freaks out in all the conditions with superb performance.

Mind blowing is referred to something extraordinary, but in the case of kannada film 'Challenge', mind blowing is blowing the mind with loads of shocks and surprises that are strenuous.

The movie is not a discouraging effort by debut director Ganesh Kamaraj. Though he is a brilliant guy but he does not know how to channelize his thoughts. The narration of story while hearing is something different from seeing it on screens!

He blows up an anxiety in the first half of the film with seven cop affected by short time memory loss because of inhaling the Pentane Gas. Why are they laying in one place? What happened to them? Are they inter connected? Why they are not attending phones? Why factory is locked? who will save them? Are they indulged in malpractices? whether they are good or bad ? are series of questions that are stitched by the director in the first half.

The speedy narration in the second half of the flm patiently answer all the questions, raised in the first half. That becomes an uphill task.

An old dilapidated factory locked from outside, Nishan, Dilip Raj, Harish Raj, Sanjana Singh, Kalabhavan Mani, Achyuth Kumar and Riyaz Khan a wunded cops are inside. Riyaz Khan is gasping for life. While six others are facing suffocating situation, loses their memory for a short time.

At the start of the second half the flash back reveals that all seven inside the factory are known to each other. As the main cause is unveiled it is learnt that the drug racket connects them, though few of them are innocent. It is Achyuth Kumar and Dilip Raj handling it for the sake of money. There are three main operators to it. One is inside, Kalabhavan Mani and other two are outside.

How the shocks come up one by one in the film is interesting for any nail biting audience. Achyuth Kumar performance in the film is outstanding. He freaks out in all conditions with superb performance.Harish Raj, Dilip Raj and Kalabhavan Mani are appealing. There is not much for Riyaz Khan in the film.

The title song and item song were not necessary for this kind of gripping tales. Instead of 14 reels it could have been further brought down. Ganesh Kamaraj should have taken veteran cameraman support. The background score is fine. Editing has no flaws.

In its first venture Arubare Ventura Private Limited has given gripping film. Good beginning for Sridhar and Ganesh Kamaraj.

First Published: August 17, 2012, 6:30 PM IST
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