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Kannada Review: 'Gavipuram' is a damp squib

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Updated: February 19, 2012, 5:11 PM IST
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Kannada Review: 'Gavipuram' is a damp squib
The movie fails at all levels. Avoid 'Gavipuram'.

Hyderabad: Film: 'Gavipuram'; Cast: Sooraj, Soujanya, Shivaram, Sumithra, Sharath Lohitashva and Sangeetha; Director: Kumar; Producer: Jagannath Hegde; Music: Rajesh Ramanath; Camera: J.G. Krishna; Rating:*

'Gavipuram' is the debut production venture of Jagannath Hegde, who introduces two new faces with the film - Suraj and Soujanya - in the lead roles.

Director Kumar, who had earlier worked with the likes of Upendra, helms the film but it seems he did not take his responsibility seriously as the film looks like an immature and worthless offering.

If the story is hodge-podge, the screenplay is equally bad and the new artists' performances just make the experience worst.

Kumar has not taken any pain in writing or directing the film. He has just lifted sequences from many films and the result is disappointing.

Right from the conception of the story to its final post-production work, there is hardly any evidence to suggest that people connected to the movie have put in any serious effort.

The director is the main culprit.

Some of the good points are veteran actor Shivaram and Sharath Lohithaswa's performances and JG Krishna's cinematography.

The story deals with a Brahmin boy Raghavendra who loves Radha, a girl from Gowda community. Their parents approve their relationship.

Just when everything was going right, discord comes in the form of Radha's younger brother who spends time with underworld people.

How the lovers would be able to overcome this problem forms the rest of the story.

Both the fresh faces - Sooraj and Soujanya need to proper training in acting. They do not fit into their roles.

The veteran artists have been wasted. Even the technical work in the film is poor.

Avoid 'Gavipuram'.

First Published: February 19, 2012, 5:11 PM IST
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