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Kannada Review: 'Godfather' is all about Upendra

Vijayasarathy Rajapur |

Updated: July 27, 2012, 5:58 PM IST
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Kannada Review: 'Godfather' is all about Upendra
Upendra has excelled in all the three roles he played in 'Godfather', but his role as a old man is the best.

Upendra has performed the triple role for the first time in 'Godfather' directed by Sriram who makes a debut to the Kannada film industry. Frankly the film rocks mainly because of Upendra's amazing performance which can go down as one of the best in his career.

Upendra's prformance in the role of a physically challenged old man who was a Bharatha Natyam dancer is really outstanding in the film. His body language, dialogue delivery and mannerisms perfectly suit this character so well. The film's top technical values also make the film raise a few notches above in its quality.

But there are some negative points in the film. The selection of some artists for some important roles is so faulty that many sentimental sequences lose their impact. The comedy portions fail to evoke laughter. The film is very high on its emotional content, while the except for one song, AR Rehman has just rehashed his songs of the film's original hit 'Varalaaru' directed by KS Ravikumar.

Shiva is a rich industrialist who always moves in his wheel chair. His son Vijay is an irresponsible young man who spends his father's fortune with his worthless friends. Vijay is assigned a responsibility to take care of an adopted village. by his father. Here he meets Divya and falls for her. Vijay and Divya are engaged, but a few mysterious things happen midway to separate them.

Vijay is projected in bad light in all these incidents. But it is Ajay, a look alike of Vijay who is doing all the dirty tricks to bring disrepute to Shiva's family. He also wants to kill Shiva who has abandoned his mentally deranged mother.

Who is Ajay and why is he so hostile to Shiva and his son? Whether Ajay succeeds in his mission to kill Shiva forms the rest of plot.

Upendra has excelled in all the three roles, but his role as a old man is the best. He scores well in the role of psychopath Ajay. Soundarya makes a debut in this film delivers a good performance.

But Catherine in the role of Ajay's mother is a bad choice. Even her make up is bad. The veteran artists have performed with ease.

AR Rehman scores well in the mother sentimental song and a melodious song shot on Upendra and Soundarya. Sriram has done a brilliant job as a cinemetographer of the film. Basavaraj Urs's editing work is neat. Bhaskar has written some hard hitting dialogues.

Overall 'Godfather' is a clear winner because of Upendra's striking performance. Go and watch it for Upendra's awesome performance as a Bharathanatyam dancer.

First Published: July 27, 2012, 5:58 PM IST
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