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Kannada Review: 'Navika' is an ordinary revenge tale

Updated: September 2, 2012, 3:12 PM IST
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Kannada Review: 'Navika' is an ordinary revenge tale
'Navika' suffers badly from the performance front. It is an ordinay tale of brothers filled with revenge.

The only release of the week 'Navika' suffers badly from the performance front and for making a screenplay, the director Sen Prakash has taken lot of interest, it seems.

This is usually seen in every tale of brothers - younger is killed and elder taking revenge is not at all new to silver screen. Director Sen Prakash has failed miserably in taking out a convincing performance from the artists.

Younger brother Shanker (Shravanth Rao) is a cop while elder is Soori (Manischandra) is wayward youth and his principles are against to his brother. Both live in the same house. Cop Shanker who studies the situation in an upright fashion outside. He fails in the home front. Not able to understand his elder brother properly. He does not even investigate when his elder brother commit three murders when he is attacked.

In return of his girl friend Shwetha (Estar Janath), Soori kidnap the brother of Avinash Gowda, the leader of nefarious activities. Avinash Gowda in search of Shanker because he kidnaped Avinash's his younger brother, takes revenge. Sandhya (Swathi) pretend as Shanker lover and takes a brutal step as she is working for Avinash Gowda.

On the other side Avinash Gowda younger brother escape from the hands of Soori. It is fight to finish between Soori and Avinash Gowda.

Shravanth Rao as cop is not making winning attempts on the screen. Manischandra trying a lengthy role is intolerable. He has to considerably improve from the point of view of looks and gestures.

Both the heroines Swathi and Estar Jannath have nothing much to do. Shobaraj a senior actor has good dialogues in his anti role.

One song of Raj Narayan - 'Teli Hode Yee Kshana...' is melodious. Soori in his camera has worked hard and strains the eyes of the audience.

First Published: September 2, 2012, 3:12 PM IST
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