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Key witness in Katara case ill, poisoning alleged


First published: July 12, 2007, 5:42 PM IST | Updated: July 12, 2007
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Key witness in Katara case ill, poisoning alleged
The prosecution will move the court to ensure Ajay Katara's safety.

New Delhi: A key witness in the Nitish Katara murder case, Ajay Katara, was suddenly hospitalised on Thursday under suspicious circumstances.

His condition is reportedly stable now and doctors say he will be discharged on Thursday itself.

While police say his condition is a case of food poisoning, Ajay Katara insists he was poisoned and that his life is under threat from former MP D P Yadav and his sons.

The prosecution has called Ajay Katara a star witness in the case and has said it will move the court to ensure his safety.

Ajay Katara is considered an extremely crucial witness by the prosecution because he was the one who last saw Nitish alive.

Nitish Katara was murdered on the night of February 16-17, 2002, after being allegedly kidnapped by Vikas and Vishal Yadav, as they were unhappy over his relationship with their sister Bharti.

For now, the Nitish Katara case seems far from over although Bharti Yadav's testimony last November after a three-year legal battle was a big boost to hopes of justice in the murder trial. When the Delhi High Court asked the trial court to finish by May-end, it seemed justice was near.

The trial court ordered day-to-day hearings from April 17 this year but is still far from meeting the deadline. All thanks to main accused Vikas Yadav, who sought as many as six adjournments before completing his statement on May 15.

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