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LG Optimus Vu review: Odd shape the biggest drawback

Ankit Tuteja | http://ibnlive.in.com/byline/Ankit-Tuteja.html

Updated: December 10, 2012, 4:55 PM IST
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LG Optimus Vu review: Odd shape the biggest drawback
Though the specifications of this phone are good and so is the quality but the phone does not make it to our recommendation list.

New Delhi: LG which is lagging behind rivals such as Apple and Samsung is fighting hard to get a fair bite out of the smartphone market pie. Samsung set the trend of the mammoth phones with the Galaxy Note and LG followed with its large-screened phone named Optimus Vu.

In the first look, I was a bit excited with its slightly different squarish design, but after using for only a while, I realised that this shape is not meant for a smartphone. The phone, however, is sleek and light in weight, but it's width makes it uncomfortable to hold. The screen is too wide for a phone. While other 5-inch phones may also seem bulky but many of them are not as difficult to hold and carry. Any rectangular 5-inch phone is better than what LG came up with - a shape that lies in between square and rectangle. The only good advantage of it being wide is that it is comfortable to type on this phone. Because of its weird shape, it's difficult to operate the phone. You cannot use this phone with a single hand.

Those who are in the habit of taking notes, there is a button on the top left that directly takes you to Quick memo. Also, the phone comes with a Rubidium pen (stylus), but strangely the phone has no slot to hold that the stylus.

The phone has a non-removable back cover and the build quality is good. There is no microSD card slot and the phone's memory is not expandable. But the phone offers a huge internal storage. The phone has 32GB of internal space, of which 26.51GB is user-accessible.

The screen is not scratch-resistant; the screen got a few scratches during the review period. The phone supports microSIM. The touch is responsive and the navigation is smooth. The phone offers good viewing angles and the screen is sunlight readable.

The phone's 8 megapixel camera captures quality snaps in both bright light and low-light conditions. It gives you various options to customise images and also lets you capture an image by just saying "cheese". The phone's camera also captures quality videos. It allows you to make videos in different sizes - 176x144, 320x240, 640x480, 720x480, 1280x720, 1440x1080, 1920x1080. Besides, the phone's 1.3 megapixel front camera is also fairly good.

The phone can easily last for a day and has good battery life. It has 2,080 mAh battery.

It is equipped with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5Ghz that helped the phone ran quite smoothly. The LG Optimus Vu runs Android 4.0.4. The possibility of Jelly Bean coming to this phone is very few. However, it is expected the LG Nexus Phone (at the lesser price) will hit the Indian markets before the company rolls out Jelly Bean for this phone. The phone has 1GB RAM.

The LG Optimus Vu's speakers are loud and good in quality. Its connectivity options include WiFi, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, NFC and USB.

Priced at Rs 34,500, the phone seems overpriced. Though the specifications of this phone are good and the quality that the phone offers is considerable, even then the phone does not find a place on my recommendation list. No matter how good the the phone's specs are, but if the phone is not comfortable to hold and operate, it immediately loses appeal.

Rating: 2.5/5

First Published: December 10, 2012, 4:55 PM IST
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