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Like? Facebook adds a Send button

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Updated: April 26, 2011, 2:03 PM IST
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Like? Facebook adds a Send button
The new Send button allows users to share content with only select friends.

New Delhi: Websites can now add a new Facebook Send button to their pages, in addition to the existing Like and Share buttons.

The popular Facebook Like button celebrated a year of its existence only a few days ago and has become almost ubiquitous on the World Wide Web. The simple-looking button with a thumbs-up icon lets users show their appreciation for online content and also lets them share it with their friends on Facebook.

The difference between the Like and the new Send button is that sharing content with the like button is visible to all the user's friends on Facebook, but the Send button can be used to share content with only select friends.

On clicking on the Send button a user is given options to share the content with chosen friends, a group on Facebook that the user is a member of or to send it via and email to someone.

"A year ago, we launched the Like button, which gives you a quick way to share the things you find on the web with all your friends. But there are times when you find something that you only want to share with a few specific people," Elliot Lynde, an engineer with the Facebook Groups team, said in a post on the official Facebook blog.

The ease with which websites can integrate the Facebook Like Button has made it an overnight success. Over 50,000 websites included the button within a week of its launch and over 2.5 million till date. According to Facebook, over 10,000 websites are adding the Like Button every day.

Websites can easily integrate the new Send button along with the existing Like button by adding 'send=true' as an attribute to the Like button. But the Send button currently only works with the XFBML version.

In addition to the new Send button Facebook also introduced enhancements to Facebook Groups including posting questions, polls, photo albums and more admin controls. The new admin controls can prevents new members from being added without approval of the group administrators. More than 50 million groups have been created on Facebook since the option first became available.

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