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'Lokpal' Review: The Malayalam film is a one time watch


Updated: February 9, 2013, 6:34 PM IST
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'Lokpal' Review: The Malayalam film is a one time watch
Directed by filmmaker Joshiy, the film has actor Mohanlal and Kavya Madhavan in the lead roles.

'Lokpal' has actor Mohanlal palying the character of Nandagopal, with a tainted past , who runs a cafe, a small hangout for families. But he is also potrayed as a committed fighter of human rights aka 'Kayamkulam Kochunni'. The film also does a flashback to Nandagopal's life which involves 'attempted murder, a juvenile home and unrequited love'.

His past life pictures, that the actor continues to get bribes by the men walking easily through the corridors of power. Nandagopal masquerades in fancy dresses and uses the best of the techniques to seize the money that is circulating between big names including politicians, businessman and bureaucrats.

The film has an ordinary screenplay by S N Swamy who seem to have relied on the customary masala to make things work, and honestly that does the damage. With plenty of pitfalls and much more carelessness in the script, the director got caught in the wrong light.

But when you cast actors of such calibre like actors Mohanlal and Kavya, the script of the movie demands more dept. With their share of experience, the makers got to be innovative, walk the untraded path and defy the norms... which, unfortunately, 'Lokpal' has not seem to have done. The strongest point about 'Lokpal' is that Joshy has filmed a couple of sequences well. Dialogues of the movie were ordinary and so were the action and heist sequences which are surprisingly thoughtless.

Mohanlal's acting in the film is very average, inspite of his efforts to be in the skin of the character. But he himself looked pale and disinterested with the role that offers him nothing special.

Kavya looked good and her acting in the movie was moderate.
Meera Nandhan and TG Ravi are the saving graces of the movie with their smaller roles. While visuals by Pradeep Nair are fine and the editing by Shyam Sasidharan tries the level best to keep it moving.

But at times, the movies get into stillness and finds it very hard to engage. The song 'Maya' by Rathesh Vega is foot tapping, but the lyrics of the rest of the songs are not so catchy. While watching 'Lokpal' one is sure to feel sad for the fantastic cast being underutilized. The movie is sure to find the biggest fans of the star utterly dissapointed.

First Published: February 9, 2013, 6:34 PM IST
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