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Low salt food and exercise can bring down high BP: Dr Ravi R Kasliwal

Updated: April 5, 2013, 5:58 PM IST
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Low salt food and exercise can bring down high BP: Dr Ravi R Kasliwal
Dr Ravi R Kasliwal joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on high blood pressure and hypertension.

High blood pressure and hypertension are the new lifestyle diseases afflicting India's urban middle class. Dr Ravi R Kasliwal, Chairman, Clinical & Preventive Cardiology, Medanta-The Medicity, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. What kind of cooking oil is good for heart & esp for high BP patients? Is it olive, mustard, desi ghee or refined oils like Saffola/Fortune? Asked by: Honey

A. Olive oil, Mustard oil, Saffola / Fortune oil or Rice Bran.

Q. I am 34 years old . I was diagnosed with hypertension 4 years ago. I am on Telma 20 mg twice daily. I have started doing Surya Namaskar. There are conflicting views about people with BP doing Surya Namaskar. Can I continue it? Asked by: sivanandan

A. You may take Telma 40 mg in the morning and after half an hour you can do Surya Namaskar.

Q. Which medicine we should prefer in ayurvedic medicines, allopathic medicine, Unani medicine? Asked by: Balram

A. It is your choice, but I prefer allopathic medicines based on hundreds of studies.

Q. Having blood Pressure as 150/90 ..Should we go to gym and do exercise? Asked by: Balram

A. Control the BP first than go to gym.

Q. Which Food we must not eat during hypertension or High Blood pressure? Asked by: Balram

A. High salted food should be avoided.

Q. Please let us know some fruits which help in lowering down High Blood Pressure. Asked by: Balram

A. There is no such fruit.

Q. As you told that control BP then Go gym then what about walking and brisk walking on having BP 150/90. Asked by: Balram

A. Get you physical check up done by a physician, control your BP than only one can brisk walking.

Q. I have high BP for last 7 years . I am 37 now.In medical tests every thing is normal. What can be the reason for it. I take medicine regularly. Asked by: BSG

A. Hypertension is a life style disease and sometimes stress can also cause hypertension. Though medical test can be normal.

Q. My friend told me that Olive oil should not be over heated (should not use olive oil for frying vegetables, fish,etc..). Whether it is true? Asked by: Venkatesh P G

A. Olive oil can be used for frying.

Q. I'm suffering from hypertension from last 20 yrs. I'm 60 yrs old woman. I'm diagnosed with early stage of cataract. Is it due to high BP? What should I do to get rid of cataract? I consulted an eye specialist, they said not to worry? Asked by: Madhu

A. That's correct.

Q. Does Low Vit D & calcium affects intestine? I'm getting pain in right hand stomach on & off? I consulted a dr who suggested to take more milk products. What tests should I take? Is it kidney, stones or just low vit d problem? Asked by: Himanshu

A. Just consult an Internist and evaluated fully.

Q. I am a high BP patient. Can I take non-veg food? Asked by: MKJ

A. Yes you can take roasted with low salt than deep fried.

Q. I am a 38 year old man. I take Telma H 40 mg for the past 1 year. Is it possible to stop medication once BP is normal? I read about side effects due to long term intake of such medicines Asked by: Pranav

A. You should take Telma 40 mg only and continue to take life style measures.

Q. Can a HBP patient smoke? Asked by: MKJ

A. No.

Q. Would doing pranayam increase the BP? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. No.

Q. My mother is a high BP patient. Whenever her BP is high,sometimes she gets blood from ear and severe headache. We have consulted many doctors with no success till now. Please advice. Thanks. Asked by: Devesh

A. Consult an ENT doctor also.

Q. I have low vit d. I have pain in legs & back on & off. Should I consult a internist or orthopedist? Asked by: Himanshu

A. Internist.

Q. Dear Sir, As you told HBP can't smoke.. What about drink wine or beer? Asked by: Balram

A. Red wine in moderation.

Q. I am on Telma H medication for last 8 years. I am 53 now. Is it possible that this medication can affect libido. My BP and sugar levels are all under control. Asked by: kp vidyashankar

A. Rarely it is possible

Q. At the age of 30, is bp 130/80 or 130/90 normal? Asked by: Honey

A. 130/80 is normal in any age.

Q. My age is 40 years and weight is 70 kg what should be my normal BP? Asked by: MKJ

A. 130/80.

Q. The moment my doctor starts putting the belt on my hand to measure the BP, my BP starts going upward. Any solution? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. Half an hour before you should reach the doc and sit comfortably It is called white coat hypertension.

Q. Which salt we should prefer..now a days lot of company promoting low sodium salt like Tata salt or we should buy from medical shop like Noma? Asked by: Balram

A. Normal salt.

Q. With the traffic and pollution and demanding work life, it is bound to happen. Doctor, do you see a raise in hyperlipidameia in urban middle class as well? Asked by: Karthik

A. Yes.

Q. How can we increase Vitamin D in body during summers & when you are vegetarian? Just want to avoid taking supplements. Please suggest veg food rich in Vitamin D? Asked by: Monty

A. Milk and milk products and exposure to sunlight. However if the levels are very low, do take time bound supplements.

Q. Other than exercise and medicine, what type of food can bring down BP levels? Can you recommend 2 or 3 things that all of use can do to bring down our BP under control. Asked by: GPR

A. Low salt food, regular exercise and stress management.

Q. For 4 years my BP was at 140+/90+ even with telma H. I learnt acupuncture and with treatment on kidney meridian the BP is normal at 120/80 with medicine for last 4 years. Any scientific study for BP and acupuncture. Most British and American studies found no link, but many of us have our BP in control withallopat and acupuncture. Your views. Asked by: kp vidyashankar

A. It seems by your observation that allopathy and accupuncture are a good combination. I haven't seen a single study in this aspect.

Q. Best ways to avoid hypertension? Asked by: Kiran

A. By keeping ideal weight, keeping stress under control and regular exercise with periodic BP monitoring. Being positive helps.

First Published: April 5, 2013, 5:58 PM IST
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