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Malayalam Review: 'Chattakkari' is disappointing


Updated: September 15, 2012, 1:08 PM IST
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Malayalam Review: 'Chattakkari' is disappointing
'Chattakkari' have original story line of an Anglo-Indian girl falling for a boy from an Orthodox Hindu family.

For quite some time after the recent remake fever of hits in Mollywood, the viewers has sensed it as an endeavor to make quick cash with little efforts of throwing up some sensuous, vivid scenes with older screenplays. 'Chattakkari', from its initial promos look no way different, but failing to rework on the script has made it a strictly average endeavour that may not get applauds for recreating a period classic.

Coming from debutante Santhosh Sethumadhavan, the son of the director of the original, the expectations were much more than what we see on screen. Here we have the very original story line of an Anglo- Indian girl Julie falling for the Sasi from an Orthodox Hindu Warier family. Shamna Kassim, boldly and appreciably lends believability to her first heroine role in as Julie, living with her siblings, strict mother (Suvarna), and lovable but alcoholic father Morris (Innocent) who is an engine driver. Though living a European life style with the little money they have, Julie but discards her long time friend Richard from her own community, for her best friend Usha's brother Sasi(Hemanth), now on vacation from his higher studies in abroad. As Sasi moves off for a year to Calcutta, Julie finds herself to be pregnant. Fearing the society, Julie's mother takes her to their Aunt (Sukumari) living alone at a seaside home. There she delivers the baby and come back home to succumb to her mother's wishes of proceeding to U K. Whether the lovers unite or not, amidst the scorching differences in their caste and culture forms the rest of the story.

There are very few differences from the original except that the climax is set in the road side. While evenly remaining awfully authentic to the original and citing Thoppil Bhasi as it's scriptwriter, what the movie lost was in connecting with the newer generation. Hardly does the maker did a thing to make the age old story impressive to the new age audience.

Even the name Sasi which bears a lot of unwanted connotations (after that famous Salimkumar wit)can hardly suit the name of a protagonist now. And if the explanation is that it is a period film, nothing in the film except the two ambassador cars give you any suggestions about the period of the plot. On the contrary, plenty of overlooked details including the costumes suggest it to happen in a more modern time, deliberately forced into a older period.

With much of the sequences shot indoor and a few exterior shots in lonely passages, the director seems to lack an eagles' eye over the narratives. More over its superfluous sequencing and uneven pacing also kills the joy of the visuals.

And the highlight of the movie includes its lead lady Shamna Kassim, who had tried her level best to pay sincerity to the role of Julie. She is fine and natural here, though may not match Lakshmi in the original. But most of her efforts goes in vain as her co star, Hemanth appear naive and unconvincing, and fails to carry the qualities of a macho hero who can deceive Julie. May be, the instructions given to appear reluctant to smooch or touch with sensitivity, makes this love tale plastic, superficial and not engaging. The rest of the cast are ok to their respective roles.

The technical sides of the movie are first-rate with the camerawork by Vinod Illampilly, the makeup and BG scores adding richness to the narratives. M Jayachandran's songs are the other highlight of the movie. All the songs are awesome, though our pick are 'Nilave', 'Oh my Julie' and Kurumozhiyude' which are pleasurable little gems.

The movie as of now may satisfy for a one time watch to some. And for the rest, they can have hear a six good songs and a finer performance from Shamna Kassim.

First Published: September 15, 2012, 1:08 PM IST
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