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Malayalam Review: 'Molly Aunty Rocks' is average

Updated: September 17, 2012, 6:07 PM IST
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Malayalam Review: 'Molly Aunty Rocks' is average
Without a single double fowl mouthed wits or sequences, you are sure to enjoy a clean movie with noble intentions.

After an enthusiastic debut with 'Passenger' and a dismal followup with 'Arjunan saakshy', soft ware techie turned director Ranjith Shankar, is back to grace with the new movie 'Molly Aunty Rocks'. More a social critic than the tale of middle aged women, the movie is special in crafting a determined, good mannered and considerate lady as its lead. With a very interesting character in the centre whose unique spirit and temperament helps to recheck the totally neglected civil sense that we display regularly, this Molly aunty may not be a must watch but is definitely prescribed for a hassle-free but quality viewing.

Revathy is Molly aunty in the movie, a middle aged N R I who returned to Kerala a couple of years ago to rejoin the job of bank clerk at a remote village in Palakkad. She carefully rears few supporters for her, the best being Ravi(Krishnakumar), a dentist and his wife. Skillful in tackling all her domestic and professional problems, she takes pain in clearing off the issues related to her poor driving to the nagging house owner with ease. Molly aunty is also a little adventurous sort of lady, loving to jump over cemetery gate, and working on every hartals or to have a regular morning walk in her T-Shirts to the amusement of the villagers around. Her husband Benny(Lalu Alex), who hails from a wealthy family from Thrissur is currently in the US with the couple of two daughters, support Molly in her every endeavours and takes pride on her sense of righteousness and ability to solve issues.

Molly aunty's distinct style is not taken in good taste as she registers a complaint with the police against a official who demands bribe. She is quickly left to confront with Pranav Roy, an arrogant, young bureaucrat in the Income tax, who takes the whole issue too personal. His rude measures not only lands up Molly aunty to further turmoil but also unfurls the fighter in her, who is ready to go to further extend to prove her innocence.

'Molly Aunty Rocks' is rightly a movie that belongs to its writer-director Ranjith Shankar. He has narrated the entire take in a refreshingly different manner, without paying any heed to regularly workable structures of plots. Treated with immense sincerity, the movie appears natural to the core, as it is also supported by some very fine artists in the frames. The dialogues and sequences are simple and helps us to relate to events without complexity.

And undoubtedly the movie also belongs to Revathy, who had to act subtly than to force phrases to prove the character's wisdom. The veteran's awesome success in the act will convert this Molly aunty as one of the best characters in her career, well supported by the written material by the director. Prithvi also finds it easy to make his presence felt, though he appears in a very few scenes. Mamukoya also comes up in a surprising stunner as Adv. Salim Mechery, who comes up for the rescue of Molly aunty. The rest of the cast from Shivaji Guruvayoor, Sharath, Lekshmy Priya and K P A C Lalitha all looks real.

The technical sides of the movie is top notch with Sujith Vasudev presenting some fine visuals. But the BG scores could have been a little more better which could have helped the movie to built more impact. Also is the songs by debutant Anand Madhusoodanan which is average at best.

In the flip side, the leisurely pace and some unwanted detailing of the lead character may not impress the admirers of fast paced movies. Also the climax story and the similarity of that with some other recent hits may not create that expected surprise.

Any way this 'Molly Aunty Rocks' can be a definite prescription for family viewers. Without a single double entries or fowl mouthed wits or sequences, you are sure to enjoy a clean movie that is made with noble intentions.

First Published: September 17, 2012, 6:07 PM IST
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