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Mammootty turns a news anchor for 'Maathrubhumi Television'

First published: January 25, 2013, 10:26 AM IST | Updated: January 25, 2013
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Mammootty turns a news anchor for 'Maathrubhumi Television'
The actor moderated a chat with director Dileep, who talked about his latest film 'Kammth and Kammath'.

For all those who were eagerly switching between channels to find their new news channel 'Maathrubhumi Television' was in for a pleasant surprise yesterday night.

They took some minutes to finalise that the TV news anchor who was reading news yesterday at 8.30 pm was none other than their favourite superstar Mammootty.

The actor who has been playing an onscreen journalist many times in his 30 year old film career, nicely managed himself as a impressive news reader switching over between interviews and news bits.

Mammoothy also moderated the chat with director Dileep and actor Karthika Nair on the release of their new film 'Kammath and Kammath' and also did some telephonic interviews amidst the half an hour bulletin.

The thirty minutes show that the star conducted, became a real time news caster and it was the highlight of the Mathrubhumi channel which started official transmission yesterday.

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