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Maoists can't be fought with guns alone: Prabhakar Kumar

Updated: January 12, 2013, 2:19 PM IST
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Maoists can't be fought with guns alone: Prabhakar Kumar
Will the Latehar encounter with Maoists put security forces on their backfoot?

Will the Latehar encounter with Maoists put security forces on their backfoot? CNN-IBN's Bihar and Jharkhand Bureau Chief Prabhakar Kumar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. The security forces for the fact have never put their foot front. They were only asked to keep them in bay. The Jawans were never on the offensive. Hence on attack the choice is limited to being backfoot only? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Now this strategy seems to be changing.....lately we have seen anti-naxal operations in order to flush them out rather that just responding to them on incident to incident basis... after this horrific incident...govt has already made its mind clear that it will go on offensive...lets hope they do so...

Q. Palamu, Daltonganj, latehar for years together have been haven for the naxals and the Bihar or later Jharkhand government has not done much to attend to the social cause for this menace. Now with the Ranchi GUV fallen will centre take any action through President(Governor's) Rule? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. We can hope so...any government ( especially president's rule) which doesn't have the compulsion of winning votes will hopefully act tough without caring for the loss or gain in terms of votes... let's keep our fingers crossed ......that Jharkhand govt , under president rule, does so...aamen!!

Q. I think it is the political class taking advantage and are in league with the so called Maoists to extort money from industrialists who want to enter the area. They take the money but then make the so called Maoists use the tribals to oppose this. This finally leads to the goose that lays the golden egg alive for exploiting the situation. Asked by: Annonymous

A. Maoists over the years have become so smart that they don't & wont allow any political parties to share their pound of flesh...Maoism nowadays is a multi billion trade where huge money comes in terms of levy & extortion...though there are few individual political leaders who are found hand in gloves with Maoists...but that's for their own survival or political gain than mere money....

Q. In this tribal areas what is the role played by the so called National parties - INC , BJP and the Leftists.Have they made any serious attempts to Win over the people so that Maoists getting local support is extinguished? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Unfortunately not...part of naxal's strategy is not to let political parties flourish inside their influence area as they know this very well...it will erode their support base among people...what suits them is a population...which is cut off from the mainstream & feels deprived...

Q. Yes but what is the action can the security forces take as they are not given a free hand due to political and human rights pressure. However, we need to understand that the Maoists are terrorists who are taking advantage of the underdevelopment of there tribals primarily due to the political establishment> Asked by: Annonymous

A. As you yourself answered the most critical problem in this chain...Maoists taking advantage of under-developed tribal's...that makes it very crucial for the govt to address this under-development & win confidence of people along with waging war against them by guns...deputing army alone will only worsen the scene as many innocent lives will be lost...this is precisely what naxals want...and govt is deliberately refraining from doing this.

Q. Isn't it time to take some tough decisions against maoists? On 1 side they are waging a war against the nation and on the other side we are talking about not using army on our own people. And I think it's time to hang those so called human rights activists who support maoists blindly and keep mum on their brutality. Asked by: Sarin Kumar

A. As I mentioned earlier, its more difficult to identify Maoists than Pakistan army because enemy here is difficult to identify...Maoists are farmers during the day... working in fields & dining with their families and during nights... they are armed cadres who butcher cops.more than guns its intelligence which will be more effective in fighting them. Our government fails here miserably...because they lack confidence of local population...had their been a LOC drown where enemy is standing on the other side of the fence...this war would have been much easier to fight.

Q. One of the most naturally rich in minerals states is languishing in Poverty, illiteracy and health issues as also the fear of the anti-socials (Maoists included)The police there is hardly equipped. A lathi is the main weapon.How is it expected that the meagre strength of CRPF will eliminate a committed group of terrorists? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. We have to understand one fact very clearly that Maoists can't be fought with guns alone... its more difficult that fighting Pakistani soldiers where they stand out as clear enemy.all strategists so far have recommended fighting this menace from within... gun battle to neutralise their might, development to erode their support base among people etc...its not only Jharkhand...but all mineral rich regions are now in grip of Maoism because it means hefty levy & money.

Q. Maoist thrive on local support.Is it due to the protection they offer or their threat? Threat can not work for a long time support. Is there any protection offered by Maoists to public,which local police is not able to provide? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Locals support Maoists for various reasons... 1. is threat to their own life...which can be termed as kind off protection being offered by Maoists if they side with them. Local public, as all police everywhere, are seen as villains... we have to understand one fact that Maoists are from the same community, they are locals & they have deep rooted contacts with the local community... whereas cops are always perceived as outsiders.

Q. Deep rooted Corruption and political support keeps the maoist afloat is a rumor. Any truth in it? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. More than corruption it's the political compulsion & vote bank politics which proves to be the major bottle neck in fight against Maoists. Political support does exitS... unfortunate but true.

First Published: January 12, 2013, 2:19 PM IST
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