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Maps: Where the Japan earthquake and tsunami hit

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Updated: March 11, 2011, 3:32 PM IST
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Maps: Where the Japan earthquake and tsunami hit
Friday's earthquake is the biggest to hit Japan in 140 years.

The biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years struck the north-east coast of the island country, triggering a 10-metre tsunami that swept away everything in its path.

<b>Intensity of the Earthquake</b><br>
<img src="http://ns.ibnlive.in.com/embeds/img/earthquake-intensity-map-110311.gif" width="100%"><br><br>

<b>Areas affected by the tsunami</b><br>
<img src="http://ns.ibnlive.in.com/embeds/img/japan-quake-map-110311.gif" width="100%"><br><br>

<b>Historic quakes in Japan</b><br>
<img src="http://ns.ibnlive.in.com/embeds/img/japan-historic-quakes-110311.jpg" width="100%"><br><br>

<b>Tsunami travel time</b><br>
<img src="http://ns.ibnlive.in.com/embeds/img/tsunami-travel-time.jpg" alt="Japan tsunami reach and travel time" width="100%"><br><br>
<b>Tsunami’s impact and reach</b><br>
<img src="http://ns.ibnlive.in.com/embeds/img/trunami-impact-120311.jpg" alt="Japan tsunami impact" width="100%"><br><br>
In this handout image provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), model amplitudes calculated with the MOST forecast model are seen March 11, 2011. Filled colours show maximum computed tsunami amplitude in cm during 24 hours of wave propagation. Black contours show computed tsunami arrival time. A magnitude 8.9 strong earthquake hit the northeast coast of Japan causing Tsunami alerts throughout countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. (Photo by NOAA Center for Tsunami Research via Getty Images)

First Published: March 11, 2011, 3:32 PM IST
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