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Maybe PM knew about Coal Scam but remained silent: Bhupendra Chaubey


Updated: April 23, 2013, 6:32 PM IST
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Maybe PM knew about Coal Scam but remained silent: Bhupendra Chaubey
CBI report on Coal scam takes Parliament by storm, what lies ahead?

CBI report on Coal scam takes Parliament by storm, what lies ahead? CNN-IBN's national bureau chief Bhupendra Chaubey joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Its not the first time that the government had influenced CBI ..but how come this time CBI chief had raised his voice and come in public about it. Asked by: Rajneesh

A. It's a good point you raise. I think difference this time was the direct monitoring by supreme court. All said and done, there are a few institutions which still work.

Q. By whom is the Government afraid in accepting that they have vetted or manipulated the report. Is there any reason for them to be on the defense, given that they are the supreme law makers of the country and can change laws if they are seem to be going against them? Asked by: Rajat Katiyar

A. The govt is afraid of the negative fallout of its own admission. The real worry is that if u now accept something wrong at the level of the law minister, tomorrow, it may be difficult for u to control the direction innwhich it may go. The real game is about the protection of the pm

Q. IS opposition asking for PM resignation too much..or PM should now resign taking into account the no of scams that has taken under him..he may not be involved but then if you are not able to handle it you should quit after all it is for the people of India..not matter of Mr Manomohan singh's personnel home.. Asked by: Rohit

A. If he had to resign, he would have done that a long time back. Gvt is going to back the pm to the hilt. The oppn too is aware of this. The only reason why it's asking for the PM's head now is it realizes it's an opportunity to put extreme pressure on govt.

Q. To what extent CBI report is reliable? Asked by: kiran

A. As we have seen in the past, the CBI report is extremely manageable for govt of the day. Thats why there has been this demand for such a long time that the agency be made I dependent.

Q. When the Government is diluting the Coal report, its leaking the JPC probe report and clean chit to its own ministers but leveling charges against Vajpayee, Jaswant and Arun Shorie, dabbling with investigations of even national importance even through NIA, don't you think its time the PM takes the responsibility and hangs his boots? Asked by: CP

A. I do agree that it's now becoming a situation where pm is trying to insulate himself from his own govt. How can then ever be possible.

Q. Does CBI have any proof of the claim? If so what would that be. Or is this just one of those (in)convenient leak? Asked by: Pradeep

A. The CBI is the premier investigating agency. It wouldn't like to be investigated by another agency now on it's own actions. Hence, they don't think they can afford to lie before the SC.

Q. In such case, how budget session is going to proceed if this deadlock continues? In my perspective, the govt holds responsibility in wasting various parliamentary sessions by not acting or even debating on the clear issues put up by opposition. What are your views? Thanks! Asked by: Saurabh

A. It requires a statement from the pm himself. This session won't continue till such time, the PM doesn't intervene.

Q. Can Mr Ashwani Kumar's action be interpreted as Contempt of Court, and in your opinion would court take a serious view of it? Asked by: haranathp

A. Not direct contempt, but it can have disastrous consequences if CBI actually goes and tells the court that it's Tagus report was toned down or tampered with.

Q. I assume Supreme court must have instructed CBI not to share the findings with the govt, and still it is done, what action will Supreme court take against CBI for that? Can the director be jailed? Asked by: Anna

A. If the director lies to the SC, he will be held for contempt, which is why both the CBI and govt are stuck.

Q. Do you think that intelligence agencies are independent in other countries and the ruling party has no influence on it while in power? Asked by: JK

A. I think a certain level of influence is exerted by all govt's in power. In India's case it's gone to an extremely hi level, which is why angst being expressed by all sides.

Q. Its good that CBI came out strong against on this scam but it still not as frequent as it should be.Do you feel that CBI would be more strong on these kind of matters if they are given full autonomous status. Asked by: Ankur

A. Yes, I am of the view that the CBI must be a completely autonomous body as exists in many other countries. But in our country CBI autonomy is synonymous with parties feeling victimized. Parties feel they will be targeted if the CBI is given complete freedom, plus it's supposed to be ultimately accountable to parliament. Total autonomy though I think is the only way ahead.

Q. The supreme court should constitute SIT to probe CBI on all the scams it is investigating and bring out a parallel report. Presently the situation is like I am committing a robbery and probing myself for the wrongdoing. I think the opposition (even though they may be participants) is right in demanding the resignation. Your take? Asked by: Chetan

A. Chetan, this is the same CBI which had put a Kalmadi, Raja, Kanimozhi and top corporate tycoons in jail. So the problem I don't think is at the end of the CBI, it's more at the end of the govt.

Q. Since the standing committee report has pointed all coal block allocations since 1993, do you think Congress will do a JPC and close like the Telecom scam where NDA is blamed? Asked by: Sunder

A. This is an election year, and in an election year, all kinds of allegations are leveled by the political class. So I wouldn't be surprised, if the congress does exactly as you have predicted.

Q. What do you think..Is PM involved in this scam? Asked by: Raja

A. Hi Raja, maybe the PM knew about what was being done by his ministers, but he chose to remain silent or overlooked it. To me, it's as good as involvement. It shows his helplessness or weakness. To many others it would be involvement.

Q. BJP is taking political mileage out of UPA's weak situation now. as far as telecom and coal allotment are concerned both NDA and UPA are equally responsible. since lot of bills are required to be passed which are of national interest the first priority is to run the parliament and discuss the issues and try to bring truth by taking govt of the day in to task. but BJP is disruptive because they are not interested in truth but some how bring the govt down. this is going to cost them heavily because people are not interested in such thing. that is why they are not gaining popularity. You Media people should take up this strongly. Asked by: vasanthi

A. Constant disruptions don't help anyone, I think that's a fact that's known to the BJP as well. But the tone that's been adopted now by the opposition parties, suggests that maybe there is no other way out.

Q. Can you summarise the current mess in parliament and whose on wrong foot? Asked by: Rohit

A. Rohit, the present chaos is a result of massive corruption on one hand and lack of political leadership on the other. When the two combine, then this is what happens. Total breakdown.

Q. Hi Bhupendra, has the CBI stated officially that it's report was indeed vetted by the Law minister?..All this ruckus is still based on unofficial reports not yet submitted/substantiated by the CBI?..Imagine what we have come down to?..Parliament not being able to function and important legislation not being given importance due to this?..It's shameful. You guys claim to have a copy of the affidavit..Are you sure about it's authenticity? Asked by: JK

A. It's not been denied by the CBI. In fact the CBI statement that came pit, was almost an admission that this had indeed taken place. So as far as authenticity is concerned, I think that's settle already.

Q. It's looking like the end game for UPA government and Manmohan. Even Raja is threatening to spill the beans. Will circumstances force MMS ouster? Asked by: mehmood

A. Not sure if PM oust will take place now. It's too late for all that now.

Q. The situation of the govt is totally miserable and looks like this is the most corrupt govt in India's history...in your opinion is blocking a non corrupt leader in the name of communalism leading to India being looted .... Isn't media partially responsible for trying to polarise opinion through communal lines instead of attacking the corruption prevailing. Asked by: Jay

A. Media's job is just to report facts.

First Published: April 23, 2013, 6:32 PM IST
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