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Modi's campaign in Karnataka will certainly help BJP: S Prakash


Updated: April 10, 2013, 6:19 PM IST
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Modi's campaign in Karnataka will certainly help BJP: S Prakash
Can the BJP cause an upset and hold on to Karnataka?

It is being widely predicted that the BJP may be whitewashed from the only state in south India where it mattered just a year prior to the 2014 general elections. How severe is BS Yeddyurappa's departure? Can BJP cause an unlikely upset? S Prakash, Spokesperson, Karnataka State BJP, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Could you please highlight some of the achievements of the government specifically under Jagadish Shettar regime (like sakaala under DVS)(except of the budget allocations which anyway do not matter as of now). Asked by: Chetan

A. Extension of several departments into Sakaala. Permitting top class private universities. Bhoochetana and opening of Atal janasnehi kendra in which more than 48 services brought under one roof. Distribution of Rice for Rs. 2/- for all the BPL card holders. Extending Vajpayee Aarogya shree yojana to several districts. Starting of Dialysis centers in District hospitals.

Q. Do people in Karnataka believe that if Modi convinces them, they would give another chance to BJP? Asked by: Ankit

A. Narendra Modi is our star campaigner no doubt but expecting to win only on the strength of his name is not sufficient. Narendra Modi campaign will certainly help the BJP to improve its prospects in the Assembly elections.

Q. May is a very hot month in India and the heat may impact voting percentage? Will this help the BJP? Asked by: Narayan

A. The 2008 elections were also held in the month of May and the percentage of votes did not dip and I am sure even in the present election it will not affect the polling. People are now more concerned about whom they elect and whom they are governed and as such they would come out vote irrespective of the temperature.

Q. According to you, How much seat will BJP and Congress win in this election Asked by: Manoj Bangalore

A. Bjp will comfortably form the government in Karnataka this time around. We will cross 113 and with regards to congress It will be the in second place.

Q. What is the mood within the party with regards to the impending elections to be held on May 5th, 2013? What is the likelihood of BJP continuing it's governance tenure even after May 8th, 2013 when results of the elections are announced? Asked by: Swarup Sagi

A. We are a cadre based party and we were in opposition for over 50 years only from 2006 we were ruling party. Our karyakarthas work for the party and ideology rather than for seat of power. We are confident of securing absolute majority under leadership of sri. Jagadish Shettar.

Q. People were fedup with BJP because of wrongdoings of Yedyurappa and Reddy Brothers. Now both of them are out of BJP. So, I don't see any reason for people to defeat BJP as of today. Asked by: Narendra Kumar

A. I endorse your view. thank you

Q. Sir, please save Karnataka as a loss would impact the BJP nationally and will give Congress the confidence to bounce back and also weaken the candidature of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India Asked by: Ankit

A. I understand your sentiments I assure you we are gaining our lost ground in Karnataka and will be back in power after May 5th.

Q. ULB polls dealt a severe blow to BJP specially in coastal Karnataka, central and Hyderabad Karnataka. What are the lessons for BJP and how it expects to revert the trend given the short time? Asked by: Chetan

A. In the ULB polls party lost 300 seats compared to 2007 results. This was mainly due to the division of votes among BJP, KJP and BSR party. The party has taken note of the setback and course correction is effectively made. Morever Assembly elections are fought on state issues individual does not matter here.

Q. Did you think about introducing any south movies actor in your party which may help in swinging votes? Asked by: pc

A. Voters can be won only by our performance and leadership qualities. Movie stars cannot alter the fortunes. This myth has not worked even in the past. People of Karnataka cannot be swayed by star attractions.

Q. I feel that BJP can gain a lot if it goes for a tacit (covert) understanding with KJP and BSR..Why are you not doing that? KJP is bound to eat into your votes if you contest separately.. Asked by: Hari

A. It was unfortunate BSY opted to form his own outfit which will certainly eat into our votes in the coming elections. When personal egos override the party interest such understanding will not be possible. BJP has the strength and force to win the Assembly polls on its own.

Q. What about Eshwarappas wrong doings? Asked by: kiran

A. There are no wrong doings of Eshwarappa. A private complaint has been lodged against disproportionate case. This has been adequately replied and he is sure of coming out in flying colors.

Q. BSY has made enough damage to BJP. How will BJP bounce back? Asked by: kiran

A. Yes I agree BSY inflicted enough damage to BJP while in the party and also afte he left too. However people have now understood it. People will not waste their vote to a party which has no chance of coming to power r emerging as an alternative.

Q. Assembly election will have its affect on 2014 LS polls..lat time BJP did fantastic in LS election winning 19 seats in karnataka..this state is very important for BJP if it has to form a gov in 2014..I am strong BJP supporter and want that BJP should always bein the center as it is the part which came out of Indian soil and can only save Indian culture.. Asked by: raj

A. It is the blessings from all of you is the strength of our party. Party understands the feeling of our well wishers and sympathizers and I assure you we will not let you down. We will present a new look to the party which will erase all our confusions of past once and for all.

Q. Hi Sir..please save BJP in Karnataka..we want BJP to win and come in power also in 2014..please save. Asked by: Karuna

A. With all your blessings and support we will come back to power. Thank you

Q. Sir, taking reference from the past only I am saying this. isn't it true that you have to be a star to be a politician in south? Asked by: pc

A. No it is a misconception. The situation in Karnataka is entirely different here film stars have not succeed in the electroll arena

Q. Sir Please tell me what is the one strong point you can convince the people of Karnataka today to win the Elections. Asked by: Raj

A. The past five years of BJP rule has heralded several unprecedented developmental activities never seen before. more than 1.25 crore people are directly benefited by various social schemes introduced by our government. We are confident our work will get stamp of approval.

Q. Why don't you approach Rajnikant, Kamal Hasan, Vijay, Nagarjuna etc. to star campaign for you or may be you give them the ticket. it may be beneficial in south to swing votes in your favour. Am I right? Asked by: pc

A. Ahh hh This is Karnataka Election not Tamil Nadu. In Karnataka all those names you have taken does not work with the electorates. People of Karnataka are not carried away by star power they always look at the performance.

Q. What is Ananth Kumar's contribution to BJP? Asked by: kiran

A. Mr Ananth Kumar is one of the tallest leader of Karnataka BJP. It is during his leadership in 2004 BJP for the first time emerged as the single largest party by securing 79 seats. This proved big boon in the coming years when we formed coalition government with JDS on 20-20 basis.

Q. It is but obvious that you being from BJP will never tel that BJP will be losing in K'nataka till the results are out..but the hard fact is that BJP has already lost K'nataka and even a miracle cannot save it..me being a strong supporter of BJP feels very sad as it is losing it only south Indian state in power..there has been a lot of infight happened in BJP in K'nataka which cost it..best of luck anyway.. Asked by: Rohit

A. I agree we are facing an uphill task in this election for various unpleasant development of past. However let me tell you in the last two years we have given clean governance and several developmental works were undertaken which will catch the imagination of people of Karnataka.

Q. It looks clear that BJP would loose big time in Karnataka..what are your views on it? Asked by: sharad

A. You will be disappointed after 8th May.

Q. How would you think you'll rebuff the allegation that you were busy in combating the infight of BJP Cadres? There is a belief in people that you may have done lot of good deeds but it mares the times your CM was threatened and your ex-CM threatened the formation of Govt. I feel there is no respect to the party heads by the leaders. How would you combat this feeling of people. Asked by: Sudhir

A. The infighting is thing of past now in the party. The party is united and battle ready. The united face of party is already yielding positive response from the people of Karnataka I am sure during the campaign time it will help us further.

Q. Mr Prakash kindly campaign with all your might as thou there is no tomorrow. If you lose this time, I don't see BJP coming back for atleast 2 - 3 terms i.e. 15 Painfully Long years. Asked by: Gowtham

A. I appreciate your honest opinion. I assure you all out effort will be put to bring back the party to power.

Q. Will it overturn the possibilities of Karnataka BJP by bringing in Narendra Modi to the Election campaign? Asked by: Elvij

A. Sri. Narendra MOdi will campaign in Karnataka. I am sure it will have very positive impact on the campaign and also motivate our workers to work with more vigor and enthusiasm.

Q. Why Modi is not coming? Asked by: manav

A. Sri. Modi will be campaigning in Karnataka. Pl wait

Q. Some of the tickets given are based on who the father of the candidate is. Arvind Bellad in Dharwad is one such case where is not a grass roots worker and moreover carries the baggage of anti-incumbency against Sr Bellad. Why is the BJP bent on shooting itself out especially in Karnataka? Asked by: Chetan

A. Arvind Bellad is the winning candidate in that constituency. Please work for his victory rather than trying to find fault with him.

Q. BJP experiment has ended in Karnataka. You guys fiddles away when you should have kicked out Yeddy. Even HDK is acceptable. Of course we will see Congress family games, but atleast Sonia kicked out Kalmadi, Raja, Chavan etc. Only fresh air in BJP is Modi. Asked by: shankar

A. Please dont be so pessimistic. The BJP will bounce back to power in Karnataka in May. In 2014 Modi will bring change in the Nation.

Q. Hi Sir, Why BJP is hiding the reason behind sacking BSY? He was sacked only because of his growing popularity in Karnataka because of his pro-people policies. Anant kumar could not digest this and as he is very clodsed to Advani, together they pressurised Gadkari to sack him.But still BSY is the most favoured person for the post of CM and he was the one who lead to bring BJP in power for first time.If he was sacked because he was involved in corruption, why did not central BJP take action when he did operation Lotus...? Is this not true......? Asked by: gautam Patil

A. No this is not true. BSY was asked to step down when he was indicted and charge sheeted in Mining scam by Lokayukta. BSY was our senior most leader who build the party from scratch. In spite of repeated warnings from several leaders he continued to make mistakes which ultimately made him to pay the price dearly.

Q. BJP has lost a golden opportunity to deliver goods when it mattered , do you still feel that people will mandate to your party? Asked by: Nagendra

A. In spite of several contradictions in the government BJP in the last 5 years has delivered several path breaking achievements I am sure people of Karnataka will recognize and vote BJP in the coming elections.

Q. This is the worst government I have seen in Karnataka. If this party is reelected then I will say democracy has failed? Asked by: prathap

A. Please do not look at us with colored eyes. please compare the achievements of the government to our predecessors this will make you understand the plethora of good works we have done.

Q. I am a BJP well wisher.With Yediyurappa's exit, hopefully the original BJP should do well in Karnataka.If you are short of numbers, will you do a desperate tie up with JD[S] just to be in power? Asked by: Nanda

A. The BJP will form the government on its own and we will not be needing any alliance to it.

Q. Though I am a BJP supporter. I have totally lost faith in Karnataka BJP...what happened to the party .....it is not only Yeddy ...but many became corrupt overnight ...is this a systemic problem here in BJP? Asked by: Jay

A. Shortsighted approach of BSY landed the government in problem. His handling of situation was awfully bad. Thought the party was functioning in a disciplined and dedicated manner there were many contradictions in the government which did bring disrepute to the party. The difference between a matured leader to an immature leader is responsible for the mess.

Q. Hi Mr Prakash, As the BJP selection commit is denying the ticket to Krishnaiah Shetty from Malur constituency based on his criminal records, justified. Please take a close look at other candidates fielded their, Krishnaiah Shetty is far better than them. Asked by: xyz

A. The party has denied ticket to Krishnaiah Shetty. Our state president is on record that he will be issued ticket. There were issues to be sorted out before announcing his name and I am sure in the coming days he will be issued ticket from the party.

Q. Can Congress win atleast 30 percent of seats in Karnataka..based on the past track record... Asked by: shiva

A. Yes they will win 30 percent of seats.

Q. Is it true that Ananth Kumar who can be never a mass leader but a blue eyed boy of Advani is the the main detractor of Yeddy and who never allowed him to give good governance by fomenting trouble for him always? Is this a party with a difference or party with dissidence? Asked by: miffed kannadiga

A. It is a false notion created to defame Ananth Kumar. On the contrary he always stood with BSY during the time of crisis. This is a party of cadres who are working for an ideology.

First Published: April 10, 2013, 6:19 PM IST
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