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Mumbai priest sodomised men after promising jobs

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Updated: March 20, 2012, 1:13 PM IST
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Mumbai priest sodomised men after promising jobs
Two men claim they were sexually abused by the accused several times at a temple after he promised jobs in Dubai.

Mumbai: Two 26-year-old men, who were promised jobs in Dubai by a priest and later sexually abused by him, have conducted a sting operation to bare the man of God in rather unbecoming circumstances. MiD DAY has a copy of the CD in which the priest -- identified as Kanak Kubdiya, resident of Dadar -- is allegedly seen sodomising one of the victims at the quarters of a temple in Shahpur, Thane. The two youths, whose identities have been concealed, have submitted the evidence to Indore police.

According to one of the victims -- who hails from Surat in Gujarat -- he was in the vocation of dressing up idols at temples. "I was contacted by Kubdiya and on December 1, 2011, I went along with him to Dadar where I dressed up the gods at a temple for 30 days. Kubdiya then offered me a similar position in Dubai and lured me with money. I agreed. However, he took me to Shahpur and sodomised me at a temple over several days," he said.

"Whenever I refused he told me that I would not be paid for my job. I finally managed to flee and returned home. However, I was in deep anguish and shock, and wanted to teach the priest a lesson. I then approached my friend in Indore -- also a victim -- who had conducted this sting operation, and filed a complaint," he said. He added that the accused had sexually abused several other young boys and youths like them," the victim said.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old from Indore told MiD DAY that he was also lured by Kubdiya with the offer of a job in Dubai. He was then taken to Shahpur. "After being sodomised for several days, I managed to flee from the under-construction temple and walked 15 miles to reach a market. I was so frustrated that I was hell-bent on teaching Kubdiya a lesson. From one of the shops I bought a spy camera and returned to the temple. I then conducted this sting operation when Kubdiya was sexually abusing me," he said. The victim then fled to Indore and filed a complaint with the local police.

Used and abused

The youths have also alleged that the priest first abused the men and then sent them to some of his 'contacts'. "Many youngsters have been threatened, exploited and abused by the priest. I want justice for myself and all the victims," said the Indore resident.

"We have received the complaint and the evidences, and are investigating the case. We will scrutinise the CD first and then take suitable action," said Anuradha Shankar, IG, Indore, when contacted by MiD DAY.

Conversation from the CD

Priest: I want 5 or 6 boys. Get them from Mumbai. Take them for Rs 5000 or Rs 6000.
Victim: Where will I get more boys?
Priest: I don't know anything. Get them from anywhere.
Victim: You tell me what should I do?
Priest: You can get male models in Rs 5000-6000. These days these people like men. You might think that these people like girls but they like men. Even young men can be called and used. You have to arrange them. I have to book tickets for 13th or 14th. Tell me in the night what will be the rate of the men.

When contacted by this reporter, Kubdiya answered his mobile. However, when we explained to him the allegations, he hung up and switched off his phone.

First Published: March 20, 2012, 1:13 PM IST
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