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National award for 'Vicky Donor' was a big surprise: Shoojit Sircar

Updated: March 19, 2013, 6:52 PM IST
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National award for 'Vicky Donor' was a big surprise: Shoojit Sircar
Director Shoojit Sircar joined IBNLive readers on the success of 'Vicky Donor' at the 60th National Film Awards.

Director Shoojit Sircar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the success of 'Vicky Donor' at the 60th National Film Awards.

Q. How has the success of 'Vicky Donor' changed things for you in the industry? Now with the national award, things would only look up? Is it any difficult or easy to make what you believe in post the film's success? Asked by: ameet

A. 'Vicky donor' has not only changed me & my profile but the industry profile too. This film has reached a milestone & a cult status. There are many reasons for this. One is the subject because its considered a taboo but the way it was treated in the film. The way Juhi wrote the film & the way we treated the film, there is a lot of simplicity in the story telling possibly has appealed the audience & jury too. I hope the movie VD has inspired many new filmmakers to try out of the box ideas which can be critically & commercially successful.

Q. What are you next project sir? Asked by: Pooja

A. Madras cafe, its a political thriller & completely opposite of 'Vicky Donor'. Its a very serious film, starring John Abhram, Nargis & Siddharth Basu.

Q. Any big projects with big heros? Asked by: Ramayya

A. Haha not as yet. My big hero is Big B. I'm writing couple of projects for him & I want to present it to him. He is industry's finest actor.

Q. What makes you select a script..is the scripts entertainment value or its social content..do you look for a message or want to wholly entertain the audience. Asked by: Ramesh

A. No, I'm always looking for content based stories.

Q. 'Vicky Donor' was a film without any star, and it became a hit. Are you going to maintain the trend or you are going to work with established actors in future? Asked by: Rakshit

A. Yes, if the story demands, I will work with established actors. But that require big budget films.

Q. Yahaan or Vicky Donor? Take your pick sir? For me Yahaan will awayyys be a better one!!! Asked by: Ankush Kumar

A. Haha both are my kids. I do not love anyone less.

Q. You told just now that your fav actor is Big b..who is ur fav actress.. Asked by: Mana Singh Dobriyal

A. I would love to work with old actresses like Madhuri, Sridevi. I would like to repeat my Vicky Donor cast Yami & Ayushmann.

Q. According to you, which is more satisfying/heartening, winning a Filmfare Award or National Award? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. Obviously, National award as its the most prestigious award.

Q. Were you expecting a National award..though you had won many film awards for Vicky Donor..but was national award came to u as surprice or there was strong chanse.. Asked by: Jiva Kumaran

A. National award was completely a big surprise. I was expecting for Juhi & Annu Kapoor.

Q. Does critics matter to you..film critic who writes their opinion on Friday. Asked by: Ganga

A. Yes, at some point. There is no pressure on me but somebody evaluating the film matters. But not all critics.

Q. Do you bother about box office success or critical acclaim. Asked by: Minal

A. I don't bother about anything. I bother to be honest about the film.

Q. will you complete 'Shoebite' and release it? Asked by: rahul

A. I'm still waiting 'Shoebite' to be released. Recently Amitji tweeted about it. I'm humbly requesting disney to release it soon.

Q. Which is your favourite Tamil movie? Do you watch Tamil movies? Asked by: Ravi

A. Haha I have watched Adoor Goplakrishnan, Mani ratnam and my friend Natarajan's film.

Q. Why was Ayushmann your choice to play the lead? Was there any casting process conducted... or the script was written keeping Ayushmann in mind? Asked by: saurabh

A. There was a casting process. The casting was done by Jogi. Each and every casting was done by Jogi. So credit goes to him. I asked him to read the script. I saw his confidence so that's why I decided that he should play the lead.

First Published: March 19, 2013, 6:52 PM IST
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