NDRF: The Rescuers of Bihar | Documentary


First published: September 7, 2017, 2:35 PM IST | Updated: September 7, 2017
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Bihar looks up from the 2017 monsoon, when flood engulfed 19 of its northern districts. With over 482 dead, as uncertainty, panic and misery look to take over, the National Disaster Response Force or the NDRF serve as the only hope of making it out alive, provided there isn't a slip between the cup and the lip. Travel into the flood with the men of the NDRF in Gopalganj as they mount rescue after rescue, putting their lives and even their pride on the line to save the flood-affected.

As a Border Security Force (BSF) officer, Assistant Commandant Arvind Mishra is not used to being demure with a hostile crowd. But now, as scores of angry villagers surround his car threatening to break its windows, he remembers that he is deputed to the NDRF and decides to keep calm and plead his way out of the mob. Very different, he says, from the "one bullet, one enemy" philosophy of the BSF.

Mishra and his team take you into the difficult world of duplicated calls, jammed boats, errant kids and an angry public as News18 takes you into the NDRF's rescue effort in Bihar, where dogged trial and error are the best bet of India's finest disaster responders.
Spectrum presents The Rescuers of Bihar. A News18 Originals presentation.

Produced and Filmed by Adi Prakash
Editing and Creatives by Nitin Sharma

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