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Nikitha had received full payment, says Akshay

Vijayasarathy Rajapur |

First published: August 1, 2012, 7:04 PM IST | Updated: August 1, 2012
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Nikitha had received full payment, says Akshay
The director of the film 'Gouri Puthra' had charged Nikitha for not co-operating with the film unit

Actress Nikitha Thukral's latest Kannada flick 'Gauri Puthra' may have been totally rejected by the Kannada film audience in its first of its release, but some how the actress has also been in news for wrong reasons.

Nikitha has been in news for many controversies including when she was unfairly banned by the Kannada film producers association. The whole media and some top artists reacted strongly against this ban which was revoked later by the producers association.

Recently, Manju Maskal Matti, director of the film 'Gouri Puthra' had charged Nikitha for not co-operating with the film unit and absenting herself from many publicity events of the film including the audio release of the movie.He has charged Nikitha for deliberately avoiding the press meets of the film, though she had taken her full remuneration for the film.

Addressing the media a few days before the release of 'Gauri Puthra', the director was virtually in tears when he said that Nikitha is now making an issue that she had not received her remuneration for the film.

Now, the film's lead actor Akshay has also joined the issue and had said that the full payment of Nikitha's remunertion was settled in front of him.

However Nikitha had said that her full remuneration for the film had not been paid and has an evidence to her claims, indicated that a complaint was filed by Nikitha at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. She had also said that Veteran producer Rockline Venkatesh was involved in the negotiations and he had known that the full remuneration was not paid to her.

Speaking at a pre release press meet of the film, Manju Maskal Matti says that he had not taken receipts for the same as he had trusted the actress. But the allegations made by Nikitha has shocked me, says Manju.

Nikitha says that she has always been honest with her producers and Manju may be telling lies. " Even last time when I attended the shooting of the song sequence, he did not give me the full payment he had promised. Only half the amount was settled' says Nikitha.

Now with the film's hero joining the issue with Nikitha, her version of the remuneration controversy is still awaited.