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No sex education in Delhi schools says BJP


First published: July 7, 2007, 7:32 PM IST | Updated: July 7, 2007
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No sex education in Delhi schools says BJP
They says sex education will lead to schools becoming sex spots.

New Delhi: After Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka banned sex education in schools, it seems to be the turn of Delhi schools.

Delhi BJP President Harsh Vardhan on Saturday said sex education should not be introduced in schools as this could lead to schools becoming sex spots and compel a large number of girl students to drop out.

'The government has prepared a curriculum in the name of Yuva for all the schools which is likely to be implemented from this academic session itself. The curriculum prepared in the name of sex education is so much obscene and filthy that the teachers, lady teachers feel shy reading it,'' Vardhan was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

Vardhan added that foreign powers are trying to harm Indian culture indirectly through this curriculum and want to ruin the young generation.

He pointed out that sex education was started in Australia, America, Canada, France, Britain, and claimed that its consequences have been disastrous.

''Unwanted pregnancy in Britain (of school girls) increased by four per cent. Medicines to prevent pregnancy used to be kept in the schools. Children started engaging in sexual activities, ignoring their educational responsibilities. At present, campaign has been started in entire Europe to end sex education in schools,'' he was quoted as saying.

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