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Old parties like Cong get too arrogant: Bhupendra Chaubey


Updated: May 9, 2013, 6:46 PM IST
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Old parties like Cong get too arrogant: Bhupendra Chaubey
Should the UPA remove Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal?

Already in the docks over the CWG, 2G and chopper deals, the UPA has now been hit by two more scams, one in the Railways and one over coal block allocations. The Supreme Court has also come down on the functioning of the government and its bureaucracy. In such a situation with the general elections drawing closer, can the UPA ignore the clamour for Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal's removal? CNN-IBN's national bureau chief Bhupendra Chaubey joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. How soon do you expect this suspense to end ? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. I think a decision will be taken within a week.

Q. In the same ministry long back a gentleman minister quit when an accident killed many even though he was no where near the accident site or the cause of the accident. It was the same congress who had Lal Bahadur Sasthry at railway Ministry. Why do they forget history? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Well these are different times I say, the fear is if one goes, then a lot of people go.

Q. Yes they should ignore the clamour...Bhupendra, many a times this UPA government and the PM has been called spineless and so many things have been said against their ability to effectively hit back at the unreasonable demands of the opposition day in and day out...The govt is now finally showing it's spine by brazing this out and suddenly the opposition and the media channels that are supported by them has become uncomfortable and are hell bent on creating / furthering a false perception..Why?..Don't you think that such old political parties know what the reactions of the voters would be for all their actions? Asked by: JK

A. If the congress gets convinced that corruption isnt an issue on which they can be defeated, I think it will be a sad day. Old parties know what responses are going to be, sometimes they get too arrogant. Think congress is going thru that

Q. After Law Minister gate open to PM on CoalGate? Asked by: Hari

A. Why do u think its difficult to act against the law minister. Precisely because if law minister goes, then questions will also be raised against the PM. Afterall, law minister was only trying to do what any good friend will do. Protect the interests of his friend.

Q. Why the media is trying to give a spin like Sonia is asking to remove AK/PB..but Manmohan is not allowing it. Truth be said both(MMS and sonia) corrupt are trying to save 2 corrupt minister. Asked by: Ijaj

A. Once Sonia Gandhi decides, within the congress, there is no way that any one else can then defend them

Q. Can the UPA ignore the clamour for Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal's removal? Asked by: Kamya

A. Difficult, the problem is that both are PM's chosen men. Both are guilty of corruption of different kinds. One is corruption of personal nature, one is case of corruption of institution

Q. After the Karnatka results which clearly demonstrated that Corruption would finish you politically, why is the UPA delaying the departure of these two gentlemen? Asked by: sanjeev

A. Well they won Karnataka despite the corruption taint, so they may well feel that they can win again despite the corruption cases

Q. Under Government rules if there is an allegation of Moral turpitude the official is placed under suspension pending INQUIRY. At higher level why the same is not followed when they also fall under classification of Public Servant? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. The moment you enter the political domain, the norms somehow change.

Q. Good evening sir,do u think this election will make BJP rethink,on the NAMO effect as modi sir campaigned hard during last few days,but failed to affect the voters even in slightest ways..will it make BJP to take a defensive posture while tackling with parties like JD(U) which has been demanding a limited role of NAMO. Asked by: Jst Ashish

A. I guess there will be in fact more clamour within BJP for nomination of Narendra Modi as PM candidate.

Q. If this case clearly going to Hit PM then how can UPA going to survey.. Early general election compulsory now? Asked by: Hari

A. That's the call i think which will be taken by the UPA. Having said that, let me also point out that PM Manmohan Singh isnt the kind of person who will miss even one day of power. So he may well decide to ring fence himself and sacrifice the law minister.

Q. As per Mr.Manish IB Min, He justify non removal of Law & Rail Min by Karnataka victory.. Is it fair to say? Asked by: Hari

A. I don't think congress is trying to justify their continuance by Karnataka victory. Maybe post this verdict, congress would be mulling is removal of these two best case scenario for them to cut their losses.

Q. Cash for JOB - Cash and Carry- allegations are serious. yet if the suspect minister remains in office. Possibility of records removals and losses can affect the investigation. Why is he still shielded by the party and leaders? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Because if he doesn't get defended by the party, the party as a whole can sink.

Q. What is your assessment? Who will go first and why? Asked by: sanjeev

A. Between the two cases, I think Pawan Bansal's case is more serious in nature. Its a case of personal corruption, where there is a lot of circumstantial evidence.

Q. Don't you think that it was just Pawan Bansal's name that brought him railway minister post as Congress wanted to attract SC and ST votes. This caste based politics is stopping UPA to take action against Bansal? Asked by: Vikas Rawat

A. I don't think his caste had anything to do with his becoming a rail minister. What mattered more for him was his proximity to rail minister.

Q. No one is saying that BJP supported UPA 1 for passing bills in parliament when there is no corruption charges against them. But now when they are disrupting parliament because of big scams everyone is blaming BJP. Why? Why no action taken by PM on Shunglu committee report though discussion happened in parliament? where is the accountability? Asked by: Ravi

A. Its a valid question which must be answered by the govt. My own sense is that the pain barrier of this govt has gone up so much, that perhaps it just doesn't matter to them.

Q. If this law minister step down what about next Law Minister because this case clearly towards PM (Coal Min 2004-2009) Asked by: Hari

A. The damage I think has already been done.

Q. If CBI arrest Pawan then BJP will vindicated and easily justify its parliament logjam then UPA can blame opposition? Asked by: Hari

A. Obstructing parliament and not doing anything against corruption are two different things.

Q. What prevents SP and BSP party to remain dumb without demanding their removal from their office? Are they afraid of pending CBI cases? When PM himself admitted in the past coalition compulsion why these parties are keeping quiet? Why PM is not sacking Ashwini certainly it is not coalition compulsion or for coal compulsion? Asked by: mohan

A. Coal compulsion is a good line to use. PM will find it very difficult for me to attack Ashwini.

First Published: May 9, 2013, 6:46 PM IST
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