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Parents should teach their sons to respect girls instead of instructing their daughters: Brave girl from Jaipur

Updated: February 20, 2013, 5:46 PM IST
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Parents should teach their sons to respect girls instead of instructing their daughters: Brave girl from Jaipur
The 15-year-old Jaipur girl joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on safety of women.

Four men tried to abduct this girl in an SUV when she was on her way to tuitions just a kilometre away from her home on a busy main road in Jaipur at 6:30 pm on last Saturday. She fought them tooth and nail and managed to scare them away. All this while, people stood by and watched. The 15-year-old brave girl from Jaipur who fought off four male assaulters joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on what gave her the courage and what women in India should do to ward off assaulters.

Q. Congratulations on such a brave act. Don't lose this courage at any cost. You represent the modern mindset that liberates our women from the clutches of a backward mindset. Be Righteous and stand for what you believe. Proud of you as an Indian. A request from my side, Try to become a Civil servant, an IAS or an IPS. Asked by: sunil babu

A. Thank you sir. Yes, I already had this thing of being in administrative services or army! But now I guess army would be more prominent because of the society's situation.

Q. When rapist sits in parliament, what else one will expect in streets. Shame on the govt of the day, congress party and the congress president you cannot ask one MP to resign. Asked by: SRINIVASS

A. Sir, we should not blame only the government. We are the ones to be blamed the main public is to be blamed because when I was being molested by those 4 arbitrary men, public was just standing still.

Q. On the personal front, I would like to know what are your interests in education and which field are u going to choose in your upcoming studies? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

A. Sure sir. I am in grade 10 right now. I want to opt PCM but for the time being I have opted humanities but in future I would be going for PCM and in future I have planned to go for Indian administrative service/army/air force. My first preference is army.

Q. I don't really see the count of assaulters decreasing. What do you think should the government and people do to curb this nuisance? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

A. Sir, the government is sleeping definitely but see we should not blame the government completely sir. When I was being assaulted by those 4 boys the public wasn't doing anything to help me. Our parents always tell us to be safe (I am talking about girls here) and they instruct us not to do this and that not to go there and there why do they don't instruct their sons, they should be instructed more they should be told to respect girls as they respect their mothers and sister.

Q. What were your feelings when the men attacked you? Did you at anytime expect help from the bystanders? Asked by: Jeril

A. Yes of course, I expected help. I was wailing like an infant and the passerby's were just gossiping and talking to each other if we should help or not. This situation of our country is really very disappointing.

Q. I admire you young lady and your courage. you have proved that guys should wear bangles, you have killed their attitude of being our savior like only they can protect us. I would just like to know that by any point did you feel scared and what did you do to fight that? Asked by: swati

A. Yes, Swati ma'am. I was very scared at one point of time. I gave up but then when my bag fell from my shoulders I saw that the knife I carry came out of the bag and I instantly acted like I fell down on the ground when those men were beating me and I picked up the knife and scared them with it. They were shocked to see the knife with me because they thought I was unarmed.

Q. Firstly, you are such a gutsy girl! Kudos to that. Well, that incident must have shaken you at that instant. I just wanna know, as in what went in your mind in that period? Did u want to nab those culprits? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

A. Sir you can't even imagine the situation I was going through at that time. I was traumatized for that time I gave up. When they were beating me I wanted to gut them but I couldn't do anything to help my self and neither did the public help me. I understood one thing that you can only help yourself no one and I mean it no one will stand for you when you are in a problem.

Q. Nothing to ask you. Just want to salute you for your bravery. Asked by: Anshuman

A. Thank you so much sir :)

Q. Did you notice anything wrong or were these guys looking at you in a way that you felt they might try and kidnap or attack you? Asked by: Sanjiv

A. Yes sir, the guy who masked his face was the one who used to stalk me when I used to go for my tuition's but I never thought that, stalking me could lead to such a disaster.

Q. What were your feelings when the men attacked you? Did you at anytime expect help from the bystanders? Asked by: Jeril

A. I felt helpless and I was in shock. I was traumatized for that point of time. I was wailing like a small baby and I was yelling on those boys to leave me and the public was standing still so those men were more in power and they started hitting me beating me badly I expected help from the bystanders but what you expect is never completed.

Q. Most of the time we are not allowed to keep knife as it is scanned in security check and mostly taken away. It is happened with me so what to do at that time? Asked by: Pooja

A. Keep a pepper spray or a chili spray :)

Q. Are they caught or still absconding? They should be caught and handed over to public. This should be lesson to all pervert out there. I salute you my brave sister. Asked by: gaurav

A. No sir, they are not caught till now but I am sure they will be caught. I was already told to make the sketch and so I did and now this would help the police in the investigation.

Q. I salute you little madam but as a fellow countrymen feel utterly helpless that nobody came to your help-on on side I feel myself a coward one another hand those assailants may had pistols knives which they could have used to kill the person coming forward-we really have been brought to a shameful position. Asked by: aninda

A. It's okay sir. I don't blame the public or the authorities I understood one thing that if you are in a critical situation it's only you who has to help your own self no boy will stand for you.

Q. What message you want to give to the family of the molesters? Asked by: Sanjeev

A. I just want to tell everyone that please educate your daughters without any fear. Instead of educating and instructing your daughter you should teach your sons to respect the gender who gave birth to them.

Q. Do you suspect that those molesters were people u already know? is this incident going to have any kind of effect on your psyche, if yes how are planning to cope with this? Asked by: Zareef Ahmed

A. No I didn't know any of them sir and no not at all sir me and my family are affected a bit but no such hard effect. We will fight back and I just need your support we are strong. God saved me and god is with me and all your blessing too.

Q. Congratulations for your bravery sister. You are an inspiration to women of this country. What is your solution for these assaults? Asked by: Srikar

A. No solution. It's the public who need to be educated. Those people who were standing there were very educated and they could help me but they didn't so I want each and everyone to understand the national pledge that all Indians are my brothers and sisters and we should respect everyone and treat everyone with courtesy.

Q. Beta, God Bless you. Hope your courage rubs on to others as well. Asked by: Rahul Pathak

A. Thank you sir :)

Q. No questions asked. I salute you for your bravery! Those attackers should be caught and punished severely. Asked by: Priya

A. Yes sir, completely agreed and I am sure that police will catch all 4 of them and they will be punished badly.

Q. Respect and admiration to you on a brave act. It is shameful that we, as Indians, have to stoop so low. After this incident, considering that no one came to your help, do you feel disgusted to be an Indian, and would rather take up citizenship in a better country? Asked by: Shashidhar V

A. I am proud to be an Indian, any day sir. Yes, I do agree that the bystanders didn't help me because maybe they didn't know me but instead of me it could have been their daughter, mother, wife, sister or any X Y Z and maybe they were scared because they thought that those 4 men were armed they must be having some weapons maybe that's why nobody came to help me and so because of this I can never feel ashamed of being an Indian. India is my country and I am proud of it's high and varied heritage.

Q. A little help from laws which will not acquit person who comes to help , a more improved policing where roads are under camera surveillance so that somebody just cannot commit a crime and run away, police will not harass a helper instead-more people will surely come forward-but when will that time come. Asked by: aninda

A. Sooner or later the time will come sir. Like we always say the more you wait the sweeter is the fruit so we all need to be patient and we need a strong government for such laws and also civil commandos should be hired.

Q. It is not a question but words of appreciation for you.....you did good!!! Asked by: Vivek

A. Thank you sir. Blessings needed and support too :)

Q. Well done, wish you all the best. Asked by: Haranath

A. Thank you sir :) blessings always needed.

Q. First of all, I want to congratulate you my sister. Well done. Keep it up. It will encourage the young girls and women. Asked by: Apratim Ghoshal

A. Thank you so much sir. I always need your blessing and support.

First Published: February 20, 2013, 5:46 PM IST
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