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Police Commissioner has to be answerable for policing: Maxwell Pereira


Updated: April 23, 2013, 4:45 PM IST
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Police Commissioner has to be answerable for policing: Maxwell Pereira
Delhi rape protests: Should police commissioner be held accountable?

Protests over the rape of a 5-year-old girl in New Delhi intensified even as Aam Aadmi Party demanded resignations of Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar. Former Joint Police Commissioner in Delhi Maxwell Pereira joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the matter.

Q. I totally condemn the way people come down to the streets like this in the aftermath of such incidents. We, as a society, are giving all negative inputs to society and then we blame every possible authority for such failures. 1) Could you suggest substantial ways in which the society can positively contribute in ensuring that proper action is taken against such police personnel and its not always a futile street demonstration which strikes the mind of the people. 2) Don't you feel it is unfair to blame the police commissioner for such aberrations on part of a small number of the policemen, in a force so large? 3) Do you feel the media is to a large extent responsible for producing such negative sentiments in the public due to quite a lot of sensationalisation? Asked by: vaibhav1494

A. i) Start getting involved withe local community - by getting engaged with the man who matters most - your beat constable. Do you know your beat constable?

Q. Both politician and police should take moral responsibility if not for crime, but for not taking effective action immediately irrespective of the status for the people. Asked by: vasanthi

A. Agree with you - and society at large.

Q. Can the Delhi Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar be man enough to accept his responsibility? Can we start a new era of being honesty and responsibility instead of just trying to save our jobs and position? ACP Bani Singh Ahlawat hitting a woman. Is the PC not responsible morally for such incident? Such incidents are happening within his department. Asked by:

A. Responsibility for what? I believe he did not rape the 5-year old himself... !? I believe the question has been answered by him already has been answered by the CP himself.

Q. He should be accountable for the sloppy delivery, inaction or mismanagement, he cannot be accountable for rape being committed...he does not have 10000 eyes. Asked by: S

A. I am not sure I can agree with you totally You are entitled to your opinion

Q. Why should not the police commissioner be held responsible? This is not the first incident in the state and police offering bribe of Rs. 2000 for not filing a FIR. I don't think that there is a debate required for this. If the PC had any kind of moral ethics he should have resigned right away after the incident. Think of the response had this incident happened with a family member of some VIP or high police official? Common people no longer have any rights in our country. Policeman can hit women demanding a justice but cannot take responsibility. Fact of the matter is no girl/women in our country will safe to go to report an incident inside a police station after 9 or 10 pm at night. Such is the reputation of Indian police. Asked by: Amit Ghosh

A. It appears u did not view the footage of the girl slapping the police first.. even so I do not condone the ACP's reaction.

Q. Do you not envisage big revolt in police force across the country, if opposition leaders, so called them short sighted activists & some citizens? Will it leads to big chaos in Indian society? Asked by: Deepak Desai

A. The so called pseudo leaders and the media owe it to the nation and its people not to destroy their confidence in its vital institutions and service agencies. If the public have no confidence in their police, close the agency - do not make them worse.

Q. Disregard Kahakhi will revolt by police force across the country? What is your opinion? Why media is not propagating police work under stress & their good work rather than only small percent of bad work? Asked by:

A. I wish this never happens. There have been police revolts before: in 1968 in Delhi; and in 1979 in Punjab. Do not drive your police to a repeat of this.

Q. How can we blame the security people like the policemen? We need to understand the conditions the police work with no festivals with the family. Besides they need to satisfy the political leadership which have come up doing criminal activities themselves. When any incident happens they come on the media shedding crocodile tears and blame the police for all the wrong. Isn't it their responsibility for giving the citizens a safe environment and also is it not the society to act to avoid such gruesome incidents as it is physically impossible for the police to be present every where as the Police commissioner said most of the rapes happen in the confines of their houses. What is your take on this? Asked by: AKS

A. I agree CP Delhi is right - in over 90% of rapes the accused is a proximate known person - father, uncle, brother, relative, neighbour, friend etc.

Q. No Way. Why do you always blame the police for all wrongs done in the society. Why cant we look into the aspect of our politicians who are ruling the country who have indulged may be in more gruesome incidents which has helped them to reach where they are. Don't you feel that we nee to have the political leadership to blame? Asked by: AKS

A. I don't blame anyone. There are good politicians and bad. The same in the police basket. But so it is with society. Community needs to get involved with local policing. That's community policing

Q. What Does ACP Ahlawat reflects about Delhi Police or Indian Police mindset? Asked by: Jyoti

A. An unfortunate aberration - whose control over personal faculties were not under control.

Q. Are the new anti-rape laws ineffective? Asked by: Kamya

A. Laws are required - but not fully the answer. Its understanding by the public, and correct implementation is grossly lacking

Q. If something goes wrong in my group at work place, my boss gives me one chance. If the same is repeated (doesn't matter who did), I am shown the door. Why should these high paid, powerful guys be treated any different? Asked by: haranathp

A. Believe me the police punish its own most... challenge any other agency to come up with better statistics. Not that statistics matter

Q. Do you think the Home Minister & Delhi CM could shun their responsibility by just saying that Rapes happen everywhere? Asked by: Gaurav

A. Politicians have their compulsions - I do not value their statements or promises.

Q. Why should the Delhi police chief take moral responsibility for depravity in the society? Asked by: Shraddha

A. I believe the best policing is when requirement of police intervention is least... Unfortunately ours is not a society that can do without police intervention... Like I indicated before, society can work towards attitudinal changes with inculcation of moral values.. The police cannot be blamed for depravity and lack of social values - but better policing can try prevent incidents of crime and an environment in which committing crime could be discouraged. It is necessary for the public to scream from the tree tops for police reforms and to remove them from the control of politicians who are fighting a rear guard battle to hold on to this their valued turf... No politician or administrator wants police reforms because they do not want to lose control of the one agency they have been using for their own benefit and vested interests.

Q. Sir, Police get the salary from our tax money, they are here to serve us.. why is it the opposite that they believe that they are here to rule us? Hasn't, that "Sahab" syndrome gone out of their head? Asked by: d_star

A. Police are a public service... Society should make the police their friend and not fear them - easily said than done. I tried hard for 35 years.

Q. Why is that instead of nabbing culprits the police always attacks the protestors? Asked by: Debashis

A. Perhaps you base your conclusion only through public perception created by a sensation loving competitive media. If you knew about the thousands of cases in which the police has done its job, maybe you wouldn't have held the opinion you expressed.

Q. Should police commissioner be held accountable? Asked by: Jyoti

A. Depends! Yes, the police commissioner should be held accountable for better policing, and mainly for instilling a sense of security among all sections of society he serves.

Q. Sir, I hold very high regards for police officers like you/Ma'am Kiran Bedi and few others. One question i have is why people do not show the same type of respect for police personnel the way they show for Military personnel? Asked by: d_star

A. I hold the military persons in high regard too - but there are black sheep there too. You do not really get to know about that, because how many of there are brushing shoulders with the police vis a vis the police who are part of people's every day life.

Q. Does High level Officers in Police like the Police commissioner of Delhi Neeraj Kumar and ACP Ahlawat, most of the times intoxicated by the power they have just like the Politicians. Else how would they talk in such a casual way at such tragic incidents. They will never make eye contact with the common man. why such despicable behaviour by people who are servant of this country and its citizens. Asked by: Citizen of India

A. It is unfortunate you view the policemen as intoxicated with power... I often ask people how many policemen they know personally? I rarely come across any one talking ill about a policeman who they know personally and not in the course of an official engagement... Believe me, it is nine years since I retired, and at the rate I am still approached by unknown people who refuse to believe I have retired... I will have to go to my grave a policeman ! And I would like to believe I am not an exception - the majority of policeman are better than me. You get to see, hear about or encounter with only the aberration, so your viewpoint and conclusions are based on only what you have seen or heard about.

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