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Priyanka Chopra is my competition, says Pakistani actress Meera

Updated: June 18, 2013, 1:14 PM IST
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Priyanka Chopra is my competition, says Pakistani actress Meera
Actress Meera says that in Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra is her competition.

Mumbai: Pakistani actress Meera is back in news because of her forthcoming film 'Bhadaas'. Directed by Ajay Yadav, this psycho thriller stars Meera in the lead role. Meera, after shooting for the film, had vanished from the country and refused to accommodate the makers for dubbing or promotion of the film. Tired after a long chase, filmmaker Ajay Yadav had filed a case against her.
The actress is now back in Mumbai to clear all the misunderstanding and to promote the film releasing on 28 June 2013.

Q:What attracted you the film 'Bhadaas'?

Meera: When Ajay Ji narrated the script to me then I had really liked the concept. Specially my character was very strong and very very promising. I was convinced that I was best suited for this role. So I said yes, and am happy that I have done this film. As an actor I have given 100 percent to this film.

Q: There has been accusation by your director about your unprofessional behavior. In fact he had gone ahead and filed a case against you. Comment.

Meera: I am not unprofessional. I had given bulk 70 days to him for the shoot, which I did without any issues. There was some miscommunication between my director Ajay Yadav and my managers. I had earlier only told that I cannot give dates in May 2013, since I had already allocated them for Punjabi Film Festival in Canada. And I had to go to Pakistan to help my mother in elections as well as help her with her project of constructing a hospital there. I had to travel with 12 bodyguards there but I was committed to help my mother. Now I am here to promote the film.

Q: But you have come back because he filed a case against you and not out of your own free will?

Meera: Yes he had filed a case and I do respect Indian laws and judiciary but I am here because I had my dates available. It was just a misunderstanding between me and Ajay ji regarding the dates. He was being stubborn about these dates. He should have sorted it out mutually, still I said I am sorry and let's start the pending movie without any issues. And I used to call him from Toronto, San Francisco, and every other place just to clear the misunderstanding. After all this, when I gave him my dates, I am here as per my commitment. He is withdrawing the case also.

Q: What is your character in the film?

Meera: I am playing the character of Daisy who is a writer. But she has split personality. Both the leading men are in love with her but she loves her independence too much. It's a psycho thriller, so I can't tell anymore, but my character is very interesting.

Q: You are known for doing bold film?

Meera: If it is the demand of the script I will do it. One has to go with the flow of the story. In fact it is a bold character in Bhadaas and I know that I have done it well. In Bollywood most of the actors do not look real because they avoid doing scenes as per their requirements.

Q: You had once said that you wanted to do only big banner?

I had said that I wanted to do good films. Bhadaas is a good film. And work is work. Big film or small film makes no difference. Karan Johar may be big but then others are also making good cinema. I prefer to keep working. Sitting idle is not good. I have seen strugglers in parties and they are mostly so depressed.

Q: But isn't doing big banners film a target for any actor?

Meera: Yes it is but never let this be cause for frustration and depression. Work is important. People commit suicide for lack of work. I take everything with positive attitude. Since my role in the film is good, so Bhadaas is the big film for me.

Q: Who is your competition in Bollywood?

Meera: Priyanka Chopra. I want to do challenging roles like her. If given a chance I can prove my merit.

First Published: June 18, 2013, 1:14 PM IST
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