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Race 2: 5 things I liked, and 5 things I didn't

Rohit Vats | http://nawabjha

Updated: January 25, 2013, 4:41 PM IST
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Race 2: 5 things I liked, and 5 things I didn't
John Abraham is a big man who likes to brag about his cheapness (How would you define 'kaminapan' otherwise).

New Delhi: Abbas-Mustan have tried to live up to the expectations in 'Race 2' but they probably mistook over-stylisation for drama. The film is bound to appeal certain section of the audiences but there are some sequences which don't do anything other than raising the oomph level. Had these scenes been fine tuned, the film could have been sleeker and more logical. Spoilers ahead so proceed at your own risk.

5 Low Points

Catch them young: How many times do you see contract killers capturing their targets while they die! Ok, acceptable, but how the hell did the target know that he is being filmed?

Paper money: So, you are a big crook with a big heart and superlative courage, but what made you think that the biggest fraud of the game will let you go after gulping down a truck full of fake currency. The currency is not even fake but is just the paper. Unfortunately, the fraud lets the hero go.

Smile, you're on camera: John Abraham is a big man who likes to brag about his cheapness (How would you define 'kaminapan' otherwise). He keeps a tab on everyone including his half sister but forgets just at the right time that his business partner could have set-up a camera in his office as well, mind you in 'office' which was supposed to be the safest place in his villa.

The mean machine: There is a policeman who is not very valuable for the story as he has left his job, but the storytellers have kept him in the story just for the sake of one thing, one day he will pass on wrong information to the enemy of his friend. But then, he has got a new secretary and money is needed to keep her entertained. By the way, the new secretary looks really toned.

The international look: We can go international but the international don will be an Indian. His clothes can remind you of Count Dracula but thankfully he doesn't drink blood.

5 High Points

Aaj kuch toofani karte hain: Action sequences are a treat to watch in 'Race 2'. Daredevil actors jump from high cliffs and aircrafts but there is always a parachute at their disposal. It doesn't make any difference whether they are jumping with their cars or alone.

The girl with deep red lipstick: Deepika Padukone's character has been written satisfactorily. She has come up with a truly Indian version of femme fatale. She doesn't waste time and is aware of her market position. Trust me, she looks elegant even when she mouths downmarket phrases.

The lone warrior: Whatever you say about Saif Ali Khan, he remains the best available actor to play such a character in Hindi films. He is suave, charming and full of grit. Lately, he has started adding more bass to his voice and has stopped twitching his eyebrows. He is one of those Bollywood actors who are closest to Bond ishtyle persona.

Pritam pyare: It has become a mystery now that how come everytime Pritam manages to produce suitable songs. The placement of songs in the film is not perfect but there is nothing wrong with the music. It compliments the storyline and mood of 'Race 2'.

Abbas-Mustan: They devised the idea of colourful cars much before Rohit Shetty. They are the chief force behind 'Race 2'. They have created glamorous premises and super-stylish characters to keep the audience hooked on to the screen. This is not their best but there are moments in the film which other directors would feel difficulty in recreating, the sword fight between Jacqueline and Saif is just one of them.

First Published: January 25, 2013, 4:41 PM IST
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