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'Race 2' Tweet Review: First day, first show

Rohit Vats | http://nawabjha

Updated: January 25, 2013, 9:59 AM IST
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'Race 2' Tweet Review: First day, first show
Rohit Vats of IBNLive is inside the theatre to live tweet the experience of 'Race 2'.

New Delhi: The direction of Abbas-Mustan is the chief attraction of 'Race 2'. The director duo has tried hard to make a suspense-thriller a sought after genre in Bollywood as the Hindi film industry traditionally leans towards idealistic romantic stories.

They have not been successful with their each project but some of their films are actually mention-worthy, 'Khiladi' and 'Baazigar' received commercial success as well. 'Baadshah' was a moderate success but this film was at par with any Hollywood film when it comes to style.

The duo is in search of a hit film as their only film in last four years, 'Players' was not a success at the box office.

The 'Race' sequel may end their quest as it is reprising the premise of 'Race' with Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor playing similar roles. John Abraham is likely to play a grey character while Deepika and Jacqueline are expected to emerge as surprise packages.

The songs of the film have created enough ripples but the real game will be on the ticket window where people would want the film to meet their expectation level. Rohit Vats of IBNLive was inside the theatre to live tweet the experience of 'Race 2'.

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’Race 2’ Tweet Review: First day, first show

Storified by IBNLive· Thu, Jan 24 2013 23:33:01

Stay tuned for our live #TweetReview of #Race2IBNLive Movies
Directed by Abbas-Mustan, #Race2 stars Saif Ali Khan and John Abraham in the lead roles.IBNLive Movies
Deepika, Jacqueline will also be seen in pivotal roles in #Race2.IBNLive Movies
Anil Kapoor will be reprising his role of Robert D’Costa while Ameesha is playing his assistant in #Race2.IBNLive Movies
Abbas-Mustan is back. The first sequence is a proof. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Good amount of energy has been spent on introducing the characters. But then this is needed in a film like #Race2.IBNLive Movies
Sleek characters, smart one liners and a very stylish Saif Ali Khan. #Race2 franchise seems satisfactory.IBNLive Movies
Anil Kapoor can give anyone a run for money when it comes to style. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Deepika Padukone’s style quotient can surprise you in the film. She is in a brand new avatar. #Race2IBNLive Movies
#Race2 is so high on style that no character is ready to talk normally in the film.IBNLive Movies
Atif Aslam croons ’Be intehaan’. His voice suits the mood of #Race2.IBNLive Movies
Sometimes it seems Abbas-Mustan forcibly play with the idea of a romantic song. We had seen this in Players as well. #Race2IBNLive Movies
People wear sunglasses in dark rooms in Abbas-Mustan’s films. Basically this was necessary to get a role in #Race2.IBNLive Movies
Ameesha Patel has worked hard on her appearance. Party on her mind. #Race2IBNLive Movies
I also want to see ’Paison ka toofan’. It’s just that I don’t have any solid motive to do so, similar to these #Race2 people.IBNLive Movies
We should be thankful to Casino Royale for giving us the concept of freerunner. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Why don’t these heroes look back when they blast a car! It can be dangerous, no? #Race2IBNLive Movies
At least hide the signs of your personal life sir. You are playing a different character here. #Race2IBNLive Movies
John Abraham is trying hard to fill in the gap created due to Akshay Khanna’s absence. His character needs depth. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Background score is an important part of masala thrillers. #Race2 carries forward the legacy of Race in this regard.IBNLive Movies
How come everytime Pritam comes up with suitable songs for different situations! #Race2IBNLive Movies
Jacqueline does better than some other foreign models. She has been moulded as per the need in #Race2.IBNLive Movies
Overdose of style can hamper the growth of character graph. The directors need to be careful. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Aditya Pancholi’s entry can remind you about the Osian franchise. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Camera work is good but the placement of shots needed careful selection. Background score is overpowering the visuals at times. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Bollywood still confuses an underworld godfather with Count Dracula. At least Pancholi’s costume suggests so. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Ameesha Patel is likely to get similar roles in future as well but she will have to wait for substantial roles. #Race2IBNLive Movies
Only in such films you find people bragging about their cheapness. This increases their style quotient. #Race2IBNLive Movies
The story has somehow returned to the original line but strings need to be woven well before the climax. #Race2IBNLive Movies
The semi-climax doesn’t live up to the expectation. Will the climax make any mark? #Race2IBNLive Movies
Can a film sustain just because of the glamour factor? The story could have been written with more imagination. #Race2IBNLive Movies
#Race2 ends exactly where it was expected to finish.IBNLive Movies
#Race2 is more stylised than Race but with less thrilling moments. Too much dependence on style hampers its chances.IBNLive Movies
The second half is dragged and the climax is not very convincing. #Race2IBNLive Movies
#Race2 is full of well dressed people and Saif Ali Khan is the pick of the actors.IBNLive Movies
John Abraham, Deepika and Anil Kapoor act as per the instructions but their roles seem frivolous at times. #Race2IBNLive Movies
#Race2 can be a good watch for people who like Hollywood ishtyle heist films but would be an average watch for others.IBNLive Movies
#Race2 is not Abbas-Mustan’s best but it can always provide you the high dose of heavyduty styling and glamour.IBNLive Movies
Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of #Race2. Have a good day.IBNLive Movies

First Published: January 25, 2013, 9:59 AM IST
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